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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Manila, Philippines 11 - 14 December 2013

Guess what?

I have slowed down ALOT on updating all my social medias. 
I guessed my life is just not as open and declare-able as other bloggers.  I do not like to be in the limelight, chasing for attention and not a selfie fanatic.  Hardly a person crazy of taking pics, I have not much pics to show or create envy on others.  Instead, my medias are slowly accumulating and following posts nearer to my personality and of stabbing concern to my conscious.  My surroundings are changing where there are more pressing issues that should be dealt with.  I am evolving and becoming a......... FOLLOWER!! OMG, a LIKER!! OMG, goddamnit, a READER!!  WTF!  Okay lah, I have become a behind the scene person.  You all go out and conquer the stage la, I'll just stay backstage and play with the curtains. Hahahaha, so pity meh?  Hahahaha, okay la, I play with the props. :PPP
Flight Z2 502, ready for boarding 
I have a goal though.  My ultimate goal is to one day be able to make a greater impact in my life by being the secret angel to the needy.  What's a secret angel?  Hahahaha, I adopted this term from the HK drama "The Hippocratic Crush II".  Hahahaha, those who have watched the drama would know lah.  Dun wanna explain too much here.  Go and watch it youself. Hahahaha. 
I do not need to be recognise, I do not need to be acknowledge, I just want to help in silent and maintain my peace.  Bearing in mind, I have my naive and silly side geh, with my occasional random entries. Okay, enough of me me me me, shall we move on to........ more me me me me?  Hahahaha.
Air Asia Zest.......... Good, not bad.
So as per the title, I flew to the capital of the archipelago Philippines.  Metro Manila, very fascinating le, totally out of my "perception" of how this country is.  Can't help it as the medias are always showing the country plague with natural disaster and their dilapidated lifestyle.  I am sure the majority of us have the same perception coz people find it weird that i decided to make Manila my holiday destination, a place that's perceive worse than Kota Kinabalu.  Little did they know, this metropolitan city is actually very vibrant and very much flourish with its local commotion. 
Not only was it once, but on 2 occasions, I thought I was touched by angels.  The people are friendly and willing to help.  I'll tell more next time, coz I wanna share pics of my trip now.  Kinda lazy to elaborate my experience for now. Hahaha.  I had earlier compiled my pics in a slide presentation, but the presentation didn't go well.  I was frustrate at that time which had caused this post late.  It was supposed to come out in Dec 2013.  Anyway, dun wanna dampen my positive attitude.  A little upset should not cause my whole life to crumble down. Yo!!
Perfect weather for a window seated view
I have all the intention to embed my video here.  But being youtube retard, i opt for the easier option.  Of course, didn't turn out as expected. :(  Do not understand why they like to smudge some pictures of mine.... do not understand why its always targeting the face area.  :(((  Heck, if you do not mind our ghostly appearance, here's the link.  Yea, by link. Enjoy!!  
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM59,724.26 8-| Oh, well, its back to the drawing board.  Time to surpress my spending spree. 
** To know my last balance, click here.

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