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Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 Year End Trip to Genting Highlands

I am back from my holidays. Took me a week post-trip to update here.  Was at Genting Highlands & Kuala Lumpur for 2 nights each.   
From my tiny room @ First World Hotel, Resorts World, Genting Highlands
1st stop Genting Highlands :
The trip involved besides the vkitty family, I brought along dear dad and dear mom.  The whole trip was decided late which costs me a BOMB!!  Yup, yours truly sponsored the return airtickets and accommodations throughout this trip.  Hence, the surge use of my cc which was shown in my last update :P.

Nevertheless, the consolation must be the tiny room I stayed at Genting which was free from the points exchanged from my parent's Genting cards :PP.  LOL, they have been accumulating points from the several sessions with their "friends", the ka-ching ka-ching machines.  The Genting casino was their main agenda when passing time, while I brought my loves around the indoor park with all the amusements and rides.  The outdoor park was closed 'coz of the weather.  Throughout our 2 nights stay, it was cold and windy.  My Gosh!, the place was covered by THICK FOG!  Brrrr!....... well, at least it feels kinda christmas-y, I guess??
I didn't managed to snap alot of pics for this trip.  No one was interested in taking pics T___T. Everyone were there for the fun element.
 The fun-s!
Indoor theme park at RM102 for 2 adults and 2 children : Neh, been there before, rode many-many times, the same rides since my previous trip before this. Genting, y u no new rides? Oh BTW, everyone were hogging the indoor rides since the outdoor ones were closed.  Yes, the queues were very, very, very, veeeeeerry LONG!

eZICash for arcade games : I think there's either RM4 or 8 left in the card T_____T 
So you r the tallest, eh?
Ripley's Believe It or Not Exhibition : Paid RM80 for 2 adults and 2 kids.  I'm swaying towards worthwhile to spend this amount as there are some really weird stuff on display there.  So weird that Manja was begging to leave and wouldn't wanna finish the entire exhibition.  In the end before Manja goes hysterical, I had to hastily leave and return to the entrance with him while Beary & Cheeky were finishing the exhibition and exiting from the Exit way.  The result was me given an ear full from Beary for Manja's manja-ness.  Soooo worth it, right???  T______T.  (Pun intended.  But really, its a good exhibition).
Digiphoto : Pics taken by others to claim at their pic booths.  I think this needs to be paid.  Dun know the price. See, got pics taken oso didn't wanna grab them. 
The trip has been a delightful experience for everyone.  A tiring one, nevertheless, packed with lots of fun.  And my fun started even before I reach KL.
TANGS LOVES ME!!  The TANGS Sale was at Genting!!   
Thank god I bought something there as I didn't make it to Pavilion nor create my inaugural journey on the bridge linking KLCC. Thank you TANGS for bringing your sale to me ^_^.  Really needed to get new shoes as my loafers was killing me by biting my heels.... Both!!  I ended wearing my sandals the whole time.  
Before I reach Genting, my dear sis was whatsapp-ing me: 
Me         : Oh yes! Arriving KL 15 mins earlier.
Dear Sis : Bah sdah sampai big city jgn macam Sam pa lau k! 
Well, sorry to disappoint you Sis, but my instinct was to be comfortable and not to allow further damage to my feet.  So here's a pic of me in my sandals, my Sam pa lau style ;D :
Freakin' cold with love......... from Genting Highlands
Ending this post by wishing everyone and counting down to : HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM46,711.87. party ~ Did I give you a shock?  That's a major difference from the last update.  Feels great to end my 2012 with the cc reduction. YES!  More MM posts soon ;).

** To know my last balance, click here.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

We T.A.B.'ed! ~ The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012

First of all, I have to apologise for coming up with this post late.  I am usually tied down more intensely on my day job nearing the end of the year.  I was so immerse in my job that I don't even remember where did I transfer the pics taken during the gathering :O 
Well, I managed to trace some.  The ones that I could not trace are those taken with my phone :( 
Yet ultimately, its the memory and my experience from the event that counts.  And I shall tell you my side of the story about this event more famously known as:
This happened on a cozy after rain evening on the 10th of November 2012.  It was a Saturday, and the event took place at Party Play, Jalan Lintas.  Everyone was requested to abide by these 2 rules, that is to turn up in a single colour wardrobe and to get a no lesser than RM30 gift  for exchange.  Equipping myself with both "weapons", I turned up at the entrance of Party Play.  And hoo boy, did I coloured myself in red..... Red dress, red shoes, red lipstick (duh!), red hand bag and a somewhat pinkish wrapped gift in hand.
All the gifts <3.  The checkered one that looked like a Burberry ;) is from me
We kicked start the night with an ice breaking session, by randomly picking a name from a tiny container, and I got this :
Everyone were requested to introduce the person whom he/she has picked.  One by one the names were called and soon it was my turn.  And there she was, Edith.
Hello Edith. Can you tell I was nervous?
Yes, I was.  Its like a student meeting a teacher. :P...... okay, I'm exaggerating, nevertheless, I was somewhat nervous as prior to this, I have not meet her before.  And so, instead of me introducing her, I passed the ball and let her self introduce :PP (yea, I was thaaaaaatt nervous!)
This was reciprocated with Nowriz introducing the Vibrantkitty.....    
Hello Nowriz, nice meeting you :)
After everyone intro'ed, it was time for dinner.  Here's mine:
Party Play's Club Sandwich with Lemon Pink Soda
The rest of the night's programme was accomplished quite fast with lots of games and laughters.... with thanks to Chegu Carol for organising the games.  Soon it was the gift exchange programme and as per similar to the ice breaking session, we picked a name from the tiny container.  Again at random.  And so he got hers, she got his, she had hers, vice versa, etc. etc. and....... Aemy got mine, and I got Aemy's.  Hahahaha, what coincident that we exchanged each others gifts.  
I looked like a giant beside petite Aemy :P 
The rest of the programmes were the best dressed male and female bloggers which went to Chegu Carol and Armstrong, not forgetting Aki who closed the event with his all mighty speech (Fuyoh!!).  Yet because of the night ended faaaiiiirrrly early, we did what bloggers do best, snap snap snap photos away.........
Credit: The Rungitom
Such gatherings are truly fun when like minded people who share same interests group together.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to know most of them.  Ambience was kinda noisy and due to the sitting arrangement, a few were sitted quite a distance away.  But I truly had fun, so much fun that I look forward to more of such gatherings. 
So, do you wanna find out what I got from Aemy?   
First of all, what did I get for her?  I got her a box of water sheet mask, a box of 10 sheets of Hello Kitty masks.  And in return, sooooo concidentally, I got a kitty too!!!!
A kitty coin bank.
I absolutely adore my gift.  In fact so adoring that I'm going to plant a kiss on my pretty kitty.
Thank you Aemy.  The kitty goes oh so well with my brand name ;)