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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Introducing Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Finalists

I am 5' 4" tall.  Slim (ahem!!) & have a passion to appreciate things beautiful.  I am already in my 30s which by counting the 5 fingers on one hand, its going to be lesser than that to hit my coming decade.  There are many things I wondered whether I have done enough when I was young.  During my time, there was a fair lot of taboo and the feminine shyness was seen.  Watching the local production movie, Ah Beng The Movie - 3 Wishes, I laughed at the opening for there was a scene where the aunt was asking a young lady whether she has started dating, but the mom whom was standing next to her replied sarcastically mentioning of her daughter's awkward bashfulness causing her to hide at home all the time.  "How to befriend any guys?".  LOL, mummy pushing daughter to brave the world.  That was of course before my time where taboo and shyness were even greater.
By the turn of the millennium, I guessed by the encouragement and persistent to venture, the female voice and exposure has now been ever aspiring.  Fast forward to this year 2012 itself, I am proud to say that this other half of the gender has reached new heights by being in tune and involving more in society, connecting ourselves with talents, brains and beauty.
Hence, low & behold, after a long search throughout this beautiful state of Sabah, traveling major towns of Tawau, Keningau, Sandakan and the Kota Kinabalu city, Miss Earth Sabah 2012 finalists has been revealed!  Yay!
And here are the finalists: 
Affy Jackleyinda Entawin  5'3, 21 years old

Carolren Vinnie Yong  5'2, 21 years old

Chan Hui Ching  5'4, 25 years old

Christini Loo Ai Ling  5'4, 21 years old

Daphne Fay W. Santor  5'5, 22 years old

Deidre Ann Walker  5'8, 18 years old

Frederica Fabian Peter  5'5, 22 years old

Grace Chang Siew Ling  5'7, 19 years old

Isabelle Ng Yuin Yuen  5'6, 22 years old

Joanna Marie Faurillo  5'3, 20 years old

Tatiana Rudolf J Millip  5'6, 18 years old

Xandria Ban Kah Yee  5'7, 18 years old
Miss Earth Sabah aims to highly and practically educate the young girls in Sabah to help create awareness for themselves, their families and especially the community of Sabah to be more serious in saving and protecting the environment. This pageant will produce beauties that possess the right criteria to represent Sabah in the National competition of Miss Malaysia Earth later this year.
Throughout the competition, apart from enrolling themselves in programs that emphasize strongly on environmental protections, the participants are also required to attend various environmental activities, where they are given the opportunity to practice and voice out their green thoughts and ideas. Besides that, this event also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations in Sabah. 
These finalists will be joining a few fringe events before the Grand Coronation Night and you are welcome to meet & take part in these recently announced events:
One other event besides the GREEN CHARITY ZUMBA PARTY mentioned above, is the NO PLASTIC BAG CHALLENGE which will be held at Giant Hypermarket, City Mall, on June 11, starting at 5.00pm.
So what are you waiting for?  For more information & updates, please follow them via:
Facebook, Miss Earth Sabah Official Page ; &
Twitter, @MissEarthSabah
I bid these ladies all the best as they continue to pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity.  May the fairest wins!!

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