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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Musical Fountain @ Perdana Park, Kota Kinabalu

This is my 3rd trip to this place since it was officially declared open way back in January 2011.  The Vkitty family had just enjoyed our dinner and wanted to kill some time.  It was the eve of the Sabah State's Harvest Festival celebration & holiday.  The weather was warm..... even at night.  :O
Equipped with a camera,  we headed to the Perdana Park with an aim to be entertained by the musical fountain.  Daily shows start from 7pm till 9pm, with 4 show slots at 15 mins interval with another 15 mins rest in between shows. (T____T , don't know whether you get what I mean here??) 
These pics were taken by Beary:
Ahem, this one was taken by yours truly.  The only one ;-).  B4 the show.

Spectacular "dances" I reckon :-) 
Besides the musical fountain entertainment, we strolled the entire park too.  In fact this is my first attempt circling the park on this 3rd visit. :-P   
My 1st visit, last year : All the rave of the new park and the musical fountain.  Hence, was there just for the fountain sake. 
My 2nd visit, last year : On a hot afternoon.  Don't know y the beach bar ran out of coconuts.  We ended at Perdana Park and got ourselves 2 pandan coconuts instead. :P  Was desperate to satisfy the craving for the refreshing juice but not crazy enough to patron the nearby beach stalls. (I have my own reason y I do not patron these stalls).
And these are the remaining pics taken by Beary for the night:
Resting "pondok" i.e. a shed & red pathways for light stroll/jog.

The well lit park with its man-made pond. 

View of the musical fountain from a different angle.

Cheeky & Manja, fascinated by the "squirting" dance

High high up into the air.  
I like to stand near the railings so that I could feel the water droplets ;-) 
I am glad the park is still well and neatly maintained.  New eateries are mushrooming with reasonable prices stated on their menus.  Too bad I just had my dinner.  Nevertheless, I shall make an effort to try out their interesting dishes in my next trip, which will definitely be sooner than later. ;-)
Oh, btw, b4 I forget, 2 very important info to note:  
1) The carpark entrance fee is still at RM1 per entry.  
2) Entrance to the park and show is F.O.C. 
** RM51,548.47   Yay, babeeee! I'm back on track!! *smooch*  
** To know my last balance, click here


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Introducing Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Finalists

I am 5' 4" tall.  Slim (ahem!!) & have a passion to appreciate things beautiful.  I am already in my 30s which by counting the 5 fingers on one hand, its going to be lesser than that to hit my coming decade.  There are many things I wondered whether I have done enough when I was young.  During my time, there was a fair lot of taboo and the feminine shyness was seen.  Watching the local production movie, Ah Beng The Movie - 3 Wishes, I laughed at the opening for there was a scene where the aunt was asking a young lady whether she has started dating, but the mom whom was standing next to her replied sarcastically mentioning of her daughter's awkward bashfulness causing her to hide at home all the time.  "How to befriend any guys?".  LOL, mummy pushing daughter to brave the world.  That was of course before my time where taboo and shyness were even greater.
By the turn of the millennium, I guessed by the encouragement and persistent to venture, the female voice and exposure has now been ever aspiring.  Fast forward to this year 2012 itself, I am proud to say that this other half of the gender has reached new heights by being in tune and involving more in society, connecting ourselves with talents, brains and beauty.
Hence, low & behold, after a long search throughout this beautiful state of Sabah, traveling major towns of Tawau, Keningau, Sandakan and the Kota Kinabalu city, Miss Earth Sabah 2012 finalists has been revealed!  Yay!
And here are the finalists: 
Affy Jackleyinda Entawin  5'3, 21 years old

Carolren Vinnie Yong  5'2, 21 years old

Chan Hui Ching  5'4, 25 years old

Christini Loo Ai Ling  5'4, 21 years old

Daphne Fay W. Santor  5'5, 22 years old

Deidre Ann Walker  5'8, 18 years old

Frederica Fabian Peter  5'5, 22 years old

Grace Chang Siew Ling  5'7, 19 years old

Isabelle Ng Yuin Yuen  5'6, 22 years old

Joanna Marie Faurillo  5'3, 20 years old

Tatiana Rudolf J Millip  5'6, 18 years old

Xandria Ban Kah Yee  5'7, 18 years old
Miss Earth Sabah aims to highly and practically educate the young girls in Sabah to help create awareness for themselves, their families and especially the community of Sabah to be more serious in saving and protecting the environment. This pageant will produce beauties that possess the right criteria to represent Sabah in the National competition of Miss Malaysia Earth later this year.
Throughout the competition, apart from enrolling themselves in programs that emphasize strongly on environmental protections, the participants are also required to attend various environmental activities, where they are given the opportunity to practice and voice out their green thoughts and ideas. Besides that, this event also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations in Sabah. 
These finalists will be joining a few fringe events before the Grand Coronation Night and you are welcome to meet & take part in these recently announced events:
One other event besides the GREEN CHARITY ZUMBA PARTY mentioned above, is the NO PLASTIC BAG CHALLENGE which will be held at Giant Hypermarket, City Mall, on June 11, starting at 5.00pm.
So what are you waiting for?  For more information & updates, please follow them via:
Facebook, Miss Earth Sabah Official Page ; &
Twitter, @MissEarthSabah
I bid these ladies all the best as they continue to pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity.  May the fairest wins!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

MM : The 3 Buckets (Part 2)

Here's a recap on what I have covered earlier :
My 1st Post on Money Management
MM : The 3 Buckets (Part 1)
I'm moving forward and will now introduce to you the 2nd bucket i.e. the "WANTS" bucket.  What's the content of this bucket?  2 essential ingredients: Savings & Other Expenses.
This bucket, just like the 1st bucket i.e. the "NEEDS", do not conform to any standardize size.  Its size depends on your demand for gratification.  Gratification can be to satisfy oneself be it materialistically and/or emotionally.  I could not emphasize more on how important for you to understand the mighty-ness of this bucket.  This "WANTS" bucket could either MAKE you or BREAK you.  
MAKE because you choose to save the excess money your earn and build a coffer for future, seeking to secure a comfortable future.  AHA!! Secure = Protection!!  See where the insurance comes in?  Will emphasize more later. 
BREAK, it's like what most people says, its your hole on the ground.  You are digging your own grave when the hole gets deeper and deeper.  Immediate gratification often comes with satisfying materialistically.  Who would want to continue eating bread religiously everyday when you can now afford something more sumptuous?  With money, you now have a choice.  It is this choice that makes you to differ from your former self.  You may prefer branded as oppose to ordinaries.  You may eat better, live better and travel more from your previous daily routine.  You see, people evolve....... in hope for better life definitely.
So, as you can see, one is of the extreme of another, MAKE vs BREAK.  If you are asking the question why are you always short of money, well the answer is whether you have BALANCE these two elements.
(This is not the BN logo ya.  This is my balancing scale! Adopted from  Allow me to tell you a story:
There was once this lady who lived a carefree life and she thought all things were perfect.  There were no financial worries at all nor the need to save for rainy days.  She saved though, for one day she was aiming in purchasing a vehicle.  That day finally came where she had save enough for the downpayment (deposit), and with it the commitment to repay the hire purchase of RM400 per month for 6 years. 
Not for long, with her lifestyle, she realised there was tightness on her love for spending.  She was sad 'coz she sacrificed her love and was burdened with the loan. With the loan was the unending expenses on gas and maintenance.  Then one unexpected day, miracle came to her and she was given a credit card.  That magic card allowed her to again go about with her rendezvous.  She spent even more because she was only required a commitment to repay 5% of the total outstanding.  But her spending was more than her repayment, and soon even that 5% she was unable to service.  She felt depress, weak on her knees, and was desperate for help. 
Every month after toiling hard and was rewarded with salary, she could not enjoy her pay as it no longer belongs to her.  On top of the car loan and all its attachment, she needed to service the credit card debt.  That credit card debt was eating her alive with its horrendous interest rates.  She was getting tired.  Tiring of this monthly non progressive routine in her life.  Soon more expenses and commitment were needed from her, which she had not anticipated at all.  She finally realised that she was in a deep rut.  She was working for money and not passion.  She longed for the days she lived a carefree life.  Energy was draining as age catches up.  Suddenly, news of the company she worked with was facing financial turbulence & was on the verge of winding up. 
"Boo Hoo!" She cried.  "Why didn't I save for this rainy day??"
What do you think?  Does this sound familiar?  Even without the credit card, there will bound to be hidden and future commitments which you did not expect today. When the scale tips towards the BREAK i.e when expenses exceed savings, the outcome has been expressed in the above mentioned story.
HOWEVER, if you have more MAKE i.e savings is greater than expenses, you are at a better position with choices & there are more opportunities abound.  (Psst, for those who think they are having mediocre income, TADAH!!, here's another chance for you to run faster than the rest.  Remember the tortoise and the rabbit race?)
When your savings is so great that it fills and overflows the WANTS bucket, the next bucket will be waiting.  Guess what did I name this bucket?
It comes down to this: Either you control money, or it controls you.  
To control money, you must manage it. - T. Harv Eker
To be continued.....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekly Blessings Wk 20, 2012

♥ This is a weekly post on the many mini encounters I experienced for the past week.  It may be blessings, or at times, applying the singular adjective.  Though maybe insignificant, yet they are capable of staging some vibrancy to this kitty's life.  Counting my blessings every day   
Its been awhile since my last post on blessings.  My commitment to blog weekly for this topic has now drowned in one of the seven seas.  Not that there's no blessings, just time is not at my luxury to spend away.  Hence the limited opportunity to record my gratitude that has been taken and taking place everyday.  Nevertheless, here's what I have to express my gratitude for this week.  Its all on purchasing beauty products    
(Guys may get bored with this post 'coz I declare my love for skin beauty today :-D)
Ha ha ha...... I bet those who follow me on twitter would know that I have a tendency to apply H2O masks as my regular beauty routine.  And these masks usually costs at average RM5 and above.  But what if you can get it at RM1 per piece?  That's a steal!!!  So I bought not just some, but 3 boxes of 10 pcs each.  Waaaahhhh!!  Me so happeeeeee!!
Have not tried them yet and have no idea whether they are good.  And to risk in buying that many without knowing its quality???..... well, I just found out they carry the quality assurance logo.  Sigh of relief :-)....... and, and, and....... (psst, the saleslady said they supply to spa operators).  She said one, not me!!!  To be specific, she commented on the yellow coloured box item only.
Nevertheless, I have my own quality standards which the mask sheet itself should be thick, with lots of moisture and fragrantly relaxing.  I once bought those thin sheets......... Dang!!, regret max!!  Here's to crossing my fingers and legs, hoping these would be not just good, but Good-Goooood ;-)
Ever since young, I have been put under the deep spell of facing off with pimples.  And it has left much scar to my physical appearance and emotional confident.  The quest in search for quality and reasonably price solutions have been nonstop.  There are many beauty products, many many to help, so this kitty is trying to test what's available in the market and finding out its effectiveness.  And these are her new found love for this week:
Both bottles are for blemish control.  Maybe one of these days I'll do a review on these.  Being in late 30s' with blemishes is not funny...... and having cow pox (adult chick pox) is horrific.  On top of blemish control, I need scar repair. Sigh, the pox left some souvenir on me :-(. 
The pink package is from In2It.  Its sheer shimmer blush.  Never tried too. Very-very excited to test new stuff  .  No amount of make-up & skincare products is enough for this kitty ;-). 
That's all for my exploration this week.  Retail therapy has been ultra satisfactory.  Smooch!!  

Friday, 11 May 2012

Updates 20120511

So many things and events were reveling around me, where should I begin?   
I am no superwoman hence, finally, I broke down.  Went to see the doctor last Tuesday, she literally said my health was in a state of "koyak".  I was having fever which I did not know of, and that my hormones were playing up on me.  Besides the frequent eczema breakouts, I was at that time threatened with chicken pox.  Okayla, chicken pox is now of common sickness, but in the olden days, it used to be fatal.  The doc did not seemed to take it lightly on this and hence, I was given an earful for not taking my health seriously. :(
Often living in a fast pace life, I took my health for granted and was brutally abusing myself.  Day and night, it seems my responsibilities was endless.  Having a full time job, being a mom, being a daughter, being a wife...... being a kuli lah I have been.  Geez, no wonder the koyak word came about.  
This health alert made me stop my step and the compulsory rest was warranted.  I took this opportunity to reflect on what I've done and whether all these were worthwhile.  In fact, before this meltdown, I have been ticking my thoughts,....... was trying to find a way out.  I knew my lifestyle was pacing mad, with mostly serious matters to look into 24hrs a day everyday.  So many seriousness, how can I continue and carry a smile on this face of mine?  After 10 days being at home, constantly having my hand mirror with me inspecting the gruelsome chick pox,  taking medication discipline-ly at 4 hr intervals, letting time just pass by and do whatever that I like....... life was like heaven.  I rekindled on the tiny stuff that I enjoyed doing ♥.  Suddenly, my life was so much more fabulous ♥.  
I remembered during my 20s' when I was hit with Hep A, a compulsory 1 week rest confined at home.  At that time, time seemed wasted, and i could not wait to get out there and brave myself to experience the outside "fun".  My 20s' was spent having nothing but to enjoy.  That was my 20s' story.  Now in my 30s', I could not get enough of "me" time.  Everyday being outside and not being with myself was not enjoyful.  The traditional maternal instinct to provide for the family is closely intact.  Though situation changes, the values of a perfect family life has not fade.  What my parents did, what my grandparents did and the fact of what my ancestors did, and now I am trying to do, is to create security for the wellbeing of my loved ones.  As long as there is love and kindness in this world, this value will continue on generations beyond my own.  It is only when they appreciate your effort with their love express upon you, a satisfaction is met.  Everything was worthwhile.
I am glad that I am providing to others, yet I ask myself have I been neglecting myself?  YES, I have not love myself like before, nevertheless I've formed a deep respect for own-self.  So, with this half-time break, I reflected what I really wanted and shall once again, chase after my once forgotten dream life of mine.
Come next week when its the going back to the battle zone, this kitty shall not meow, but ROAR!!
If you have hope in the future, you will have power in the present ~  Chris Voss
Boy!!, that was heavy.  Food for thoughts. *Ting-ting!!*  On a lighter note, What did I do in this 10 days break?  Besides the eat, sleep and shit, two other things I did were: 
* watched my fav HK TVB dramas (something I did not do for a long long time) ; and
* played games...... more specifically, Cityville on facebook.  I'm a junkie :P (will stop and block when I resume my daytime job). 
Oh, and 1 other thing, sharpening my make-up skill.
My eyes nice ma?  Trying out double eye lid makeup.
This was yesterday.  Did the eyes only, on my bare face, no foundation, but with medicated ointment for the chick pox :P  Doc said no nothing except for ointment O_O.  Showing my right side.  Left is horror-ful :O
Recovering from chick pox soon.  Yeah, I can haz my health back!!   
HEALTH is WEALTH.  That is so very true. 
So, I'm ending here wishing everyone of great health and happiness ♥.