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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Manila, Philippines 11 - 14 December 2013

Guess what?

I have slowed down ALOT on updating all my social medias. 
I guessed my life is just not as open and declare-able as other bloggers.  I do not like to be in the limelight, chasing for attention and not a selfie fanatic.  Hardly a person crazy of taking pics, I have not much pics to show or create envy on others.  Instead, my medias are slowly accumulating and following posts nearer to my personality and of stabbing concern to my conscious.  My surroundings are changing where there are more pressing issues that should be dealt with.  I am evolving and becoming a......... FOLLOWER!! OMG, a LIKER!! OMG, goddamnit, a READER!!  WTF!  Okay lah, I have become a behind the scene person.  You all go out and conquer the stage la, I'll just stay backstage and play with the curtains. Hahahaha, so pity meh?  Hahahaha, okay la, I play with the props. :PPP
Flight Z2 502, ready for boarding 
I have a goal though.  My ultimate goal is to one day be able to make a greater impact in my life by being the secret angel to the needy.  What's a secret angel?  Hahahaha, I adopted this term from the HK drama "The Hippocratic Crush II".  Hahahaha, those who have watched the drama would know lah.  Dun wanna explain too much here.  Go and watch it youself. Hahahaha. 
I do not need to be recognise, I do not need to be acknowledge, I just want to help in silent and maintain my peace.  Bearing in mind, I have my naive and silly side geh, with my occasional random entries. Okay, enough of me me me me, shall we move on to........ more me me me me?  Hahahaha.
Air Asia Zest.......... Good, not bad.
So as per the title, I flew to the capital of the archipelago Philippines.  Metro Manila, very fascinating le, totally out of my "perception" of how this country is.  Can't help it as the medias are always showing the country plague with natural disaster and their dilapidated lifestyle.  I am sure the majority of us have the same perception coz people find it weird that i decided to make Manila my holiday destination, a place that's perceive worse than Kota Kinabalu.  Little did they know, this metropolitan city is actually very vibrant and very much flourish with its local commotion. 
Not only was it once, but on 2 occasions, I thought I was touched by angels.  The people are friendly and willing to help.  I'll tell more next time, coz I wanna share pics of my trip now.  Kinda lazy to elaborate my experience for now. Hahaha.  I had earlier compiled my pics in a slide presentation, but the presentation didn't go well.  I was frustrate at that time which had caused this post late.  It was supposed to come out in Dec 2013.  Anyway, dun wanna dampen my positive attitude.  A little upset should not cause my whole life to crumble down. Yo!!
Perfect weather for a window seated view
I have all the intention to embed my video here.  But being youtube retard, i opt for the easier option.  Of course, didn't turn out as expected. :(  Do not understand why they like to smudge some pictures of mine.... do not understand why its always targeting the face area.  :(((  Heck, if you do not mind our ghostly appearance, here's the link.  Yea, by link. Enjoy!!  
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM59,724.26 8-| Oh, well, its back to the drawing board.  Time to surpress my spending spree. 
** To know my last balance, click here.

Monday, 18 November 2013

gDayX at Kota Kinabalu on 24 November 2013

I may be the last person to stick my neck out declaring I'm a geek.  Correction, I do not need to make a shout out, 'coz I'm no computer freak, yo.  I'm just a plain Jane on a rat track rut being the typical woman with a typical lifestyle..... with the occasional spicing up of my version of vibrant and fabulous. ;D  But saying that, it doesn't mean I avoid the many technologies that is fast advancing and speeding before me. I am afterall, neither living in the caveman age nor high up in the trees in the virgin jungle.   
I am a modern person living in a modern world, and within this modern world, people kept inventing new ways of making life better.  Hence, one of the fastest growing invention known to men is the technological advancement of the computer age.  There is no avoiding that these days everyone owns one or more of these intelligent gadgets.  With such means, people aim to enhance their productivity.  Yet productivity doesn't mean owning only gadgets, you need to maximise their functionalities by knowing and getting familiarise with the various productivity functions available.  And that is exactly why you should know about this upcoming event:
Google is coming to town!!  Right here in our doorstep, Kota Kinabalu!!
Google needs no introduction, If you have seen the movie "The Internship", you would have known how much commitment they put into improving life with technology.  But nearer to our shores, you should know about the gDayX event which will be taking place soon.  Here, I copied and pasted the event information from its source, you are welcome:
"GDayX is a community-organised event that is supported by Google. This event brings together Google employees and influential voices of the industry to engage with Google users, the students, startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, to learn and share insights on web technology and Google tools". 
"Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities, want to know more about Google tools and what it can do for you or leveraging Google technologies for online presence and business expansion, this GDayX is the perfect place to get it started".
Sounds good doesn't it?  Well, what I am about to reveal to you may even blow you up.  Ready?   
ITS FREE!!!  Hurry, grab your seat now.  Register yourself here. 
Here's the event details:
Date : 24th November 2013 (Sunday)
Time : 9am to 6pm
Venue : GSC Hall, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu 
Some other additional information can be obtain here: 
The agenda : 
The Speakers : 
The Facebook Page : 
The Google+ Page :
And you know what?  There's a mystery guest appearance too.  Guess who?  Or rather, What?  Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever in Sabah, the unveiling of the Google Glass will be made here during this event.  Exciting!!  Here's a sneak peek video:
So, do not miss this opportunity.  You'll never know,..... the next time, you may need to pay!!  Again, register yourself here
See you there!

Monday, 12 August 2013

In Pursuit of the Glorious Burger 2 : Grabbing Hands

Hello!! Its me again for another episode of the Cheeky's adventures. Check out my last adventure here.
Mommy said there are alot of burger joints mushrooming around the city lately and she wanted to continue with her glamorous "Glorious" title wa.  And what better than to visit the latest burger restaurant in Kota Kinabalu's latest completed commercial development i.e. Metro Town.  The development is located at Kolombong industrial township along the main road of Jalan Lintas. 
Grabbing Hands, that's the name of the restaurant we went to.  Unique name, isn't it?  What's unique about this place is its ambience with pretty arts on its walls. So pretty are the arts that upon careful observation, they are actually made from rubix cubes. 
Here's mommy acting cute. @_@ . Behind her is a rubix cubes art of Bob Marley. 
By the way, mommy wants you to check out her new hair colour.  She was at the hair salon that morning and thought the outcome looked fabulous. Oh So Vain! *rolls eyes.  Anyway, back to the topic, the arts are for sale.  This particular one behind mommy is yours for only RM9,500.00.
The ambience of the restaurant with more rubix cubes arts on display
Grabbing Hands : Love Food, Love Art.  We Design Our Own Burgers & Hotdogs...  These are their professes.  The art part, mommy was fascinated.  The whole concept of the restaurant was cozy and welcoming.  She even started building images of spending time with friends playing catching up and gossiping. :P   
As for the food part, with hungry pangs hitting our stomachs, we ordered the followings :
Chicken Maryland Burger, RM20.00 

Beef Mylo Hotdog, RM18.00

Hi! Hi! Hi! Its me!!! I ordered the Chicken Hotdog in bolognese sauce, RM18.00
Mommy liked this photo and said she was artistic too as she managed to get nothing of the background except of people's....... asses legs. :P
Wicked Wings
I guess the verdict falls on my partner in crime who's a picky eater, my li'l brother, Manja.  And from the way things wrapped up for the night, its going to be one of the places to revisit.
My partner in crime
This time, my mommy said her photo taking skills are better.  Instead of having a background nearing the floor, it has gone up and now its of breasts chests. :PPP
And that concludes another episode of Cheeky's adventures.  Till then...
Photos captured using mommy's phone, this particular one taken outside the restaurant.  Above us is the signboard illuminated by light bulbs. Tsk, tsk, tsk, mommy's photo taking skills.
Grabbing Hands
Metro Town, Block J-0-25,
Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja,
88300  Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 
Tel : 088-387 787
Operating Hours:
Mon - Thu : 12.00pm - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat : 12.00pm - 11.00pm
Sun : 12.00pm - 10.00pm 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Year 2013 : My Mid Year Review

Hello there! 
Some of you may know that I am on my office annual leave for 3 days.  Well, its ending soon with Monday just around the corner.  Its back to working mode by then. 
With this break, I took the liberty of spending some quality time being at peace with myself, and doing the things that I like or even catching up some tasks I had delay for some time.  Hence, the 1st thing that I did was to send my car for a badly needed service.  Oh boy, you would not have believe how much a Kelisa could cost you for a thorough service.  I paid RM430 + RM225 + RM80 + RM50.  So how much is that? 
RM430 for engine and under the car (what do you call that part where they hoist your car up and check the gadgets beneath your vehicle?  I don't know.  So I'll just go with under the car then :P)
RM225 for servicing of car air conditioner. Its now Brrrr-ing cold ;D
RM80 for the car being lifted back to workshop when one of the replaced part was not functioning IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY ROAD!!  This was on the 3rd day after servicing it which had cause me missing a bloggers meet up opportunity >:( 
RM50 for cleaning, vacumming and polishing.  I added polish coz my car has lost its shine.  From the way I see it, more polishing is needed.  Sigh :( 
Fine! So I paid a hefty sum for car servicing.  And more to come too.  Yet, this does not happen everyday.  Its just a small fraction to pay when you realise how much it has given back to me.  Bringing me to places where I needed to be and accomplishing my everyday task because it has been loyal to me.  Its just something I need to do to allow myself to travel further and accomplish more.   
So here's a pic of how my baby blue car looks like now.
Duh! Look just like any other ordinary Kelisa. Lololol :P
Then there is also the badly needed clearing of my stuff from Cheeky's room.  My growing child needs to have his own space.  You wouldn't believe how messy these stuff had accumulated to.   

After some loving, tender and caring-ness, the full of mommy's way, this is the end result:   
Some of my stuff are still there.  Sorry Cheeky.  But mommy is helpless of ideas where to store my stuff.  Hence still needing a tiny bit of your shelf space, pls *battering weepy eyes. 
Of course I've done many more other things during this break, but I guess the better part was having my big day just the way I enjoyed it.  Quiet time enjoying my dessert"S" (literally) while watching the busy commotion across the street from my seat.  I was at the Mosaic, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu at that time.  A good reflection to myself to not fall into the trap of what's at the opposite side of the street but to keep focusing on reaching my intended destiny.   
One fine birthday.... err?.... day :P
Oh, and 1 more accomplishment unlocked, this is my 52nd blog entry.  A year ago, I aimed to hit this number by last year's end.  Of course, I didn't make it.  Today, I have finally done it, albeit late.  But hey,.....
I'VE DONE IT!! Yes, successkid.jpg.
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM44,552.62 =(( No lah, not as sad la.  A need to buck up lor.  Or is it?? 
** To know my last balance, click here

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Hyatt Touch : A Very Bandung Ramadhan Buffet

Hello and a blessed Ramadhan month. 
Ramadhan is a month long practice of blessings and thanks givings.  In Malaysia, irregardless of our religion background, we respect and embraces each others differences.  We come together in gesturing this differences where everyone understands and observe the meaning behind this holy practice.
During this period, temporary bazaar stalls are set up in many designated areas.  You will get the chance to taste the array of food unique to the muslims.  Not wanting to miss showcasing themselves, our local hotels are joining the bandwagon preparing their own specialties and promotions.  I am very fortunate to get to taste from one of our local boys, the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, on the very first day of this meaningful month.
The Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, my first stop for my year 2013 Ramadhan
Hyatt Regency Kinabalu launched their Bandung Ramadhan promotion with the ultimate in buka puasa (breaking fast) feast featuring an astounding array of buffet choices, featuring mouth watering dishes from Indonesia, brought by their guest chefs from Hyatt Regency Bandung.
Spacious area showcasing their buffet promotion
Indonesia cuisine is known for its use of fragrant spices.  Chef Aries Tri Suhandoko and Chef Sandy Nur Hidayat prepared a diverse flavours of Indonesian food.  From flavorful salads and appetizers, to tasty soups, aromatic curries, fragrantly spiced meats to delectable, whole some desserts. 
Decorative display with influence of the Indonesian culture
Sweet dates surrounded by local delicacies
In consistence with its theme, the spread was of warmly Indonesian with a selection of appetizers such as Asinan, rojak buah and tauhu telur.  Not forgetting the serving of soups of Soto Bandung, Mee Siram and Rawon Jawa Timur. 
A row of flavourful condiments
The salad and dessert bars

Hyatt Regency Kinabalu's aim is to provide an unforgettable buka puasa experience with a wide choice of cuisine delightful to family and friends.  Their welcoming very Bandung main courses - Empal Daging Sapi, Udang Balado, Gulai Kambing, Ikan Bawal Bumbu Bali, Nasi Goreng Jawa, Ayam Rica, Nasi Goreng Kluwek, Kambing Guling, Gulai Nangka Muda and many more are of abundance to fill everyone's stomach to satisfaction. 

In addition to the Indonesian specialties, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu are also serving their much-loved favourites including local and western cuisine, not forgetting the chinese and indian dishes too.  

Also included in this buka puasa feast is the hotel's own Chef Govind using the tandoori oven to prepare his famous fluffy and crisp naan, tikka masala grilled meats and north Indian curries along with lamb kebab and beef shawarma.

The feast was delightfully concluded with an extended dessert selection, from local specialities like kuih penjaram, ondeh-ondeh, kuih ketayap, kuih lenggang, kuih sapit, kuih lapis, apam balik to cheese cakes, creme brulee, strawberry sponge cakes, jellies and much more.

The Bandung Ramadhan at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu is available throughout the fasting month at RM110++ per person between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.  For those who comes in after 8.00pm you can enjoy the same at RM100 per person.  Children are chargeable at half price.
The feast was enjoyable accompanied by relaxing ambience and friends' laughters.  The extensive varieties were enough to leave me with a bloated stomach.  Thankfully, this bloating issue was soothingly tamed with a cup of the hotel's smooth teh tarik.  It was a pleasant drink to end my dinner.
You and your family and friends can enjoy this "A Very Bandung Ramadhan" buka puasa feast by making your reservation/s now.  Just call the hotel at: 
Jalan Datuk Salleh Sulong,
88991  Kota Kinabalu,
Tel: +60 88 22 1234.
The hotel does catering for private functions too.  For this month only, chefs at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu have created a delectable, tantalizing buka puasa menu featuring the best Ramadhan specialties.  Trained banquet staff will be on hand to take away the stress of cooking, organising the event, serving your guests and washing up so that you can concentrate on being the perfect host.  Menu price starts from RM100++ per person. 
Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan
dan Selamat Berbuka Puasa

Monday, 13 May 2013

2nd Most Common Cancer in Women

Jab of Life
I took this picture of myself with a jab a few months ago after being persuaded by my gynae for the longest time.  What sort of jab is this?  Its none other than the HPV (Human Papillomavirus).  Its a vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.   
Some facts ** :
- Cervical cancer is the world's 2nd most common cancer in women.
- In Malaysia, cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer affecting women.
- In 2002, cervical cancer accounted for 12.9% of all female cancer in Malaysia.
- Every minute, one woman is diagnosed with the disease somewhere in the world.
- Virtually every woman is at risk of cervical cancer, regardless of their age or lifestyle.
- Vaccination against the causes of cervical cancer and regular screening could help you prevent it.
Information leaflets available in all clinics
Probably, one of the most famous super star succumbed to cervical cancer and passed away is Hong Kong diva, Anita Mui.  She was only 40 years old then.  That year was 2003, the year I sealed a lifetime commitment to Beary.  I remembered very well during her passing, how I realised I need to take charge of my health, especially since I have a family history of my dear ones battling cancer, some of them survived, while others were dearly missed.
The good news is, in Malaysia, HPV vaccination is in the National Immunisation Programme and is provided by the government to 13 year old girls.  Women like me could obtain the same by paying a visit to the gynae, nevertheless at an affordable price.   
4 years ago, when it was first introduced to me, my immediate reaction was how expensive it was.  I could not recall the price mentioned at that time, but with such pricing, I have procrastinated.  4 years later, I am glad that besides myself improving my financial capability, the price has since reduced.  I got mine at RM199 per jab.  A total of 3 jabs are needed to complete the entire course.
I've recently completed the entire course *successkid.jpg 
Life is priceless.  I saw the pain when my loved ones were battling cancer and I experienced the pain when I was helpless to lighten their burden with the sufferings.  On top of those physical and emotional pain, it had also put a dent in my family's finances.  Needless to say, I felt this price is a small sum to pay in exchange for a healthier body condition and minimizing the potential of inflicting emotional pain towards my family.   
Consult your doctor on immunizing yourself from cervical cancer.  Prevention is better than cure.   Love your life, you've only got one.  Protect yourself, protect your loved ones. 
Just me & my jab
** All facts were extracted from the leaflets made available in all gynaecologists' clinics.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Life's Pleasures @ Flames, Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Life at times presents itself with surprises, and just 2 weeks ago, I had one of the most pleasant evening which I truly enjoyed.  I have been saying again and again of my hectic life, and often is blinded in slowing down my pace to enjoy the simple and finer things life presents.  That evening, my life was splendidly spent in both ways.
Sabah is truly a blessed land.  She is showered with beautiful scenery, breathtaking most of the time.  Unfortunately, my hectic life has made me forgotten.  I have constantly immerse myself in a sea of infinite work.  But that evening, I thank Le Meridien Hotel Kota Kinabalu for reminding me, that work and pleasure can be balanced.  And indeed it is possible, as I view with awe how marvelously Sabah is from the hotel's 12th floor Club Lounge.
That day, I witnessed  the sunset :
From this...

.... to this 

Panoramic view from the 12th Floor Club Lounge, Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu
All splendid things come to an end, and soon, the sun set beyond the horizon.  I look forward to experience it again as I aim high to elevate myself over and above my current state. (The Le Meridien Club Lounge is for the exclusive use of guests staying on the Le Meridien Club floors).
Me and my fellow friends were then led to their lobby floor, specifically a cozy corner away from its reception area to one of their flagship outlet, FLAMES Steak Restaurant.  
Flames Steak Restaurant is one of the hotel's latest addition to its many dining options.  A casual yet stylish steak restaurant that showcases the best quality, prime steaks for Kota Kinabalu diners.  This intimate corner of 24 seats caters to please lovers of luscious, prime steaks and most things non-vegetarian.  Acclaimed as the only international steak restaurant in Kota Kinabalu with a serious effort to truly please the palates of KK city's steak aficionados.
We were presented with the following menu:
Behold herewith images of the array of dishes in sampling sizes presented before us:
Our opening dish (not in the menu)

Jasmine Tea Infused Duck Breast Confit with shaved fennel, caramelized fruit, 
cress and peach dressing

Cappuccino of Jerusalem Artichoke and Macadamia Nut, 
Truffle Oil and fresh herbs

Avocado tapenade, Japanese tofu, garnished with mandarin orange and miso dressing

Baked Fillet of Cod, Porcini mushroom, asparagus, strawberry and red wine reduction

Maltagliati Pasta, Chicken Fillet with cherry tomato and basil pesto

Passion Fruit Sorbet

Slow Cooked Black Angus Beef Fillet, braised red cabbage, 
baby vegetables and shallot reduction

Swiss Milk Chocolate Mousse, Crispy Rice and Raspberry puree
The night ended with the selection of either Illy coffee or Ronnefeldt tea.  My choice is of course the aromatic tea:
Served in a pot
This experience had been rare and overwhelming.  The servings, though in sampling sizes, were enough to capture the attention of us ladies that Flames offers more than just meeting of the eyes.  On top of its cozy restaurant ambience and food presentation, the price itself came as a surprise.  Gentle on the pockets, a good main course may surprise you with its very affordable pricing starting from RM48 (≈ USD17).  Flames uses the freshest of ingredients which instead of frozen meat, they defy the norm by setting a prominent standard using  flown in chilled meat. 
I found myself enjoying that night's dishes especially the soup (RM25 ≈ USD9) which was delightful to my taste and as a seafood lover, the carefully prepared baked cod fillet (RM78 ≈ USD26) was splendid.  The other dishes were just as pleasant and enjoyable.  I was afterall, in a place accompanied by food loving friends, prime steaks, great wines and great times.
FLAMES, Kota Kinabalu's only international steak restaurant, is located at:
FLAMES Steak Restaurant
Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens,
Sinsuran, Kota Kinabalu,
88000  Sabah, Malaysia
Telephone: +60-88-322 222
Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu is a five star hotel and a part of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. loyalty programs, allowing members to earn and redeem points for room stays, room upgrades and flights, with no blackout dates.  For more information, please visit their website : Starwood Hotels.
Credit to Social Media East Malaysia for the evening's great arrangement.