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Monday, 13 May 2013

2nd Most Common Cancer in Women

Jab of Life
I took this picture of myself with a jab a few months ago after being persuaded by my gynae for the longest time.  What sort of jab is this?  Its none other than the HPV (Human Papillomavirus).  Its a vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.   
Some facts ** :
- Cervical cancer is the world's 2nd most common cancer in women.
- In Malaysia, cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer affecting women.
- In 2002, cervical cancer accounted for 12.9% of all female cancer in Malaysia.
- Every minute, one woman is diagnosed with the disease somewhere in the world.
- Virtually every woman is at risk of cervical cancer, regardless of their age or lifestyle.
- Vaccination against the causes of cervical cancer and regular screening could help you prevent it.
Information leaflets available in all clinics
Probably, one of the most famous super star succumbed to cervical cancer and passed away is Hong Kong diva, Anita Mui.  She was only 40 years old then.  That year was 2003, the year I sealed a lifetime commitment to Beary.  I remembered very well during her passing, how I realised I need to take charge of my health, especially since I have a family history of my dear ones battling cancer, some of them survived, while others were dearly missed.
The good news is, in Malaysia, HPV vaccination is in the National Immunisation Programme and is provided by the government to 13 year old girls.  Women like me could obtain the same by paying a visit to the gynae, nevertheless at an affordable price.   
4 years ago, when it was first introduced to me, my immediate reaction was how expensive it was.  I could not recall the price mentioned at that time, but with such pricing, I have procrastinated.  4 years later, I am glad that besides myself improving my financial capability, the price has since reduced.  I got mine at RM199 per jab.  A total of 3 jabs are needed to complete the entire course.
I've recently completed the entire course *successkid.jpg 
Life is priceless.  I saw the pain when my loved ones were battling cancer and I experienced the pain when I was helpless to lighten their burden with the sufferings.  On top of those physical and emotional pain, it had also put a dent in my family's finances.  Needless to say, I felt this price is a small sum to pay in exchange for a healthier body condition and minimizing the potential of inflicting emotional pain towards my family.   
Consult your doctor on immunizing yourself from cervical cancer.  Prevention is better than cure.   Love your life, you've only got one.  Protect yourself, protect your loved ones. 
Just me & my jab
** All facts were extracted from the leaflets made available in all gynaecologists' clinics.


  1. I should remind this to my gf.

    Talking about that, my gf just sat down here and we were talking about this and she asked me to sponsor her. I said, okay. But not now. :P But soon la ya.

    Happy Thursday, Vibrantkitty!

    1. Good to know more people are aware of this. Prevention is better than cure. :)


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