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Monday, 5 November 2012

I'm Watching : The Last Steep Ascent "天梯"

Have I mention of my hobby before?
Of course I did, It's under my "About This Blog" page.  Well, other than my infatuation on skincare, I also love catching Ns & Ns episodes of Hong Kong TVB dramas.  And so I am currently on my heels with the 19th of the 25 episodes of this:
TVB Drama, The Last Steep Ascent "天梯"
Allow me to tell you why I'm dedicating a blog post on this here:

1)  It's been ages since I last catch a TVB drama.  The last time was in May 2012 when my face and slender figure (ahem!!) were decorated with some of the biggest & gunkiest chick pox.  OMG!!  Nevertheless,  I love the 2 weeks rest constrained by my doctor. ♥
2)  The acting casts consist of some of the most talented artistes. ♥
3)  Some parts of the drama were based on a true story.  I did not know about this.  The sales lady told me so when I was making a decision on purchasing this drama.  Yet, little did I bother what she mentioned to me though.

Hence, as I was leisurely going through episodes of the drama, my sub-conscious mind kept reminding me of what the saleslady said.  By my 8th episode, on a fine November 2nd evening, this news crept up in our local newspaper:
click for larger image
Okay, I do not read chinese, but my outburst of love (COUGH!! AHEM!!) melted Beary's heart which he interpreted for me :-P .  The title of the news said of "The Love Staircase" woman passed away at age 87. 
It was then that I got to know more about this love story.  The man passed away in 2007 who was 10 years younger than her.  During their time, there were alot of stirs and pressure because of their background, hence, they've eloped to a remote area on a hill to avoid this shaken situation.  The woman left behind her 4 loving children.  Because of the man's understanding of her love for her children, he started in building the 6,000 steps stone staircase with the minimal tools he had.    He has dedicated a great amount of his life in HANDCARVING the stairs (made of STONE!! Did I emphasize myself??)  and taking care of her.  But due to his chronic illness, he succumbed to his death.

The TVB drama drew similarity to the love story, but as its a drama, of course the storyline was ever more dramatic with the added salt and vinegar.  After 2 days of spending what little available me time I had, I am almost finishing my chase of this drama.  6 MORE EPISODES TO GO!!! I have not come to the part of him carving the stairs.  Not even 1 single step!!! I'm crying in agony D-:

When is my next available me time???? D-:
Sometimes, I feel my life would be better being a yellow faced aunty so that I could enjoy my hobby and start kepoh-ing with the other aunties.  U know, nowadays, even the yellow faced aunties are having rosier cheeks than me.  Obviously, they have a not as stressful life when compared to mine. Not meh?
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM59,006.62   If you think this is alot, wait till the next few months figure.  I am anticipating, r u?  Lololol.
** To know my last balance, click here.


  1. I did chased this drama too with my family. It was indeed a lovely and emotional love story but I never thought that it was actually adapted a little bit from the real life story. Later go back and inform my mom. Hehehe..

  2. Diana Diane Teo : Yeah!, r u a TVB drama junkie too?

    Meitzeu : Watch, watch. Then we later kepoh about the storyline. Hahahaha.

  3. I'm not a TVB drama fans, but my wife is. She can sit down on the couch and watch for a few hours. The story is touching. Let me see whether I can find this drama.

  4. the story is so attrctive to me.. where can i buy this drama?

  5. Andrew : Your wife can be my tv drama watching friend :-)

    Sasa : Anywhere that sells DVDs. Or you can try & watch it on line :-)


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