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Monday, 22 October 2012

In Pursuit of the Glorious Burger 1 : KK Burger Bakar

It was once asked "Can you make a better burger than McDonald's?"  The answer till today is "Sure".  The then next question asked was "Can you build a business and deliver as efficient as McDonald's?"  Thus, this is the goal of Iskandar & Ayu, the owners of the KK Burger Bakar (KKBB), are aspiring.  Franchising it may yet attain, but the demand for their chunky burger stuffed with various assortments can be seen by the crowd that throngs to their stall on that day.
Ms. Ayu conveying the customers' orders to the kitchen.  Notice the crowd behind.
From a humble idea inspired from one of their trips to Australia, both owners decided to defy the odds and opened up the stall.  Indeed, within months in business, and after numerous feedbacks from customers, they continue to refine their creativity by coming up with new dishes.
The Menu
KK Burger Bakar, HOMEMADE Burger inspired by PURE LOCAL SECRET RECIPES as advised by EXECUTIVE CHEF!  
The owners were determined to served the very best hence every step of preparing a juicy burger from its raw chunky homemade beef patty to the final serving on its plate were showcased.
Of patties, sliced meat and cheese

Toasty hot buns

Barbeque-grilled patties

Adding the final few touches before being serve
Lo & behold, presenting to you, the Lava Gunung Kinabalu Full Blast.... :
.... and all the rest on the menu:
The Lava Kinabalu accompanied by other varieties 

Top image, L - R: Double Six, Taj Mahal, Angry Bird & Salsa Chic

Mr. Iskandar explaining the idea of the business & the aspiration
So, how to do you like your burger?  Why not try out the KKBB?  
Open food court next to Plaza Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 
(Note: This is an open air area with KKBB operating its outlet as a stall. I entered from the Plaza Tanjung Aru entrance and went behind the building to get to the outlet.)
Operating time:
Tues - Sun : 5.30pm - 11.00pm
To find out more, follow KKBB on their facebook page
This outing had been fun and interesting.  It is also a good ice breaking meet up with bloggers. I'm ending this post with my fav pic of the day:
Image by Dinoza.  L - R : Nathalie, Beverly, Myself, Charlotte, Calista, Tom, EricMargaret  
& the comparatively bigger than a Samsung SIII, The Lava Gunung Kinabalu Full Blast.


  1. I noticed this burger bakar for long time cause it just beside my working place. Would love to go there and try someday. Siok lah you all blogger review together. ;D

  2. Meitzeu : Superb to find out how it taste.

    Diana : The blogger gathering was fun. Join us next time.

  3. Good grief, that Lava Gunung Kinabalu looks like something out of 'Man vs. Food'!!

  4. is it the same stall who are selling big burger last time?


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