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Friday, 24 August 2012

MM : The 3 Buckets (Part 3)

How many rich people are there in this world?

According to a published statistics in 1996, which at that point in time, being a millionaire was the measurement yardstick, this group of well-off are only a mere 5% of the total population in US.  (sourced : The Millionaire Next Door : The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy). 
Whether its America or any other countries, be it the past of year 1996 or even at present, the above information doesn't really matter.  The real question is:
Most of us are groomed to the belief that as long as you have equip yourself with education, life will be good.  ITS TRUE!!  As long as you are equip with FINANCIAL education, YES!, life will not only be good, it will transform to be BETTER and ultimately BEST.  So:
1) Why stay at just good? 
2) Why being part of the 95% of the population? 
3) Are you not worthy to be among the financial elites?
95% of the population remains at buckets 1 & 2 i.e. the NEEDS and WANTS.  After toiling much and finally getting out of college/university, there is the tendency of assuming you've reach freedom and that you have obtain all the education required to survive.  How many of you have this thinking?.....  Only to find, the road ahead is much more difficult. 
Most people after satisfying their NEEDS bucket, would go for immediate gratification.  This is facilitated with the convenience of credits, loans, easy payments....... you name it.  If you are unable to get whatever you want in cash, these facilities are there waiting for you.  Is this good?  YES DEFINITELY!, you get whatever you want now, hence the WANTS bucket, but the consequences is it erodes your future earnings.  Every month comes in, the salary/earning goes out to service these facilities.  The pinch may not be as hurtful if you have limit yourself from these facilities, but the burden is greater when you are having big amount and long repayment period.  This situation is made worse when you are limited by your salary/earnings.  If you are selling your time, health and attention to your work/business for the salary/earning, and you can't simply walk away from it, then yes, you are categorise as the 95% of the population.
Did your education help you?  Yes, in getting a job with limited income.  Jumping from job to job will not solve your dilemma as you are still selling your time, health and attention.  Be it if you are being paid a handsome amount, but if you fail to grasp the meaning of financial education, you are just that, selling your time, health and attention.  Do not be surprise if the guy who is being paid/earning better than you is actually suffering from credit nightmares.  Do not be surprise your boss may be that guy!
Oh, how I miss the days of carefree life.  I can take a longer time for lunch with good meals, spend more time with my family instead of just quality time, having more fun and go anywhere and where ever I want at anytime, spending hours away doing things that I like and brings more meaning to my life.  I miss my HK TVB drama!! (Ahem, this applies to me).  Another thought provoking question:
The answer is, b'coz you have sold your time, health and attention, remember your job appointment letter?  B'coz you have a business to run, a day not attending your business is a day lost in income. You get stressed, you get tired, you burnt-out, facing uncooperative staff and the demand to perform/deliver all the time. And one more thing, you are not focusing on your own well-being.
Why can't I meet people that I like?  Why do I have to mind other people's business?
The 3rd bucket,  functions itself otherwise.  Just like the previous 2 buckets, there is no limitation to its size.  In fact the bigger the size of this bucket, the better you are.  When the bucket is so filled and overflows, just like your first faucet, it creates another faucet, a source of income.  When this faucet starts flowing, it brings new meaning to you.  The outcome from this bucket are CHOICE & FREEDOM.  And this is exactly what the rich focuses at.  This bucket consists of 2 modes to achieve freedom i.e savings and investment.  
You can put aside a large amount of money in preparation of your retirement.  Period!.  When I drew the 3 buckets drawing, I was thinking that savings provides interest which contributes to the faucet flowing.  That was about 5 months ago.  5 months later, although interest do help, but it is very insignificant seeing how inflation rises faster & eroding interest.  Nevertheless, this is one option.
The other option is investment.  There are all sorts of investment products available out there.  For the purpose of me explaining, I shall touch on unit trust/mutual funds 'coz Malaysians love unit trust, especially those from PNB/ASNB.   Some people see it as savings, but I beg to differ.  It gives out dividend.  By virtue of you investing, you are filling the 3rd bucket.  By virtue of receiving dividend, you are creating your 2nd income i.e the 2nd faucet.  The bigger the size of your bucket, the stronger the flow of your 2nd faucet.  If on top of unit trust, you are taking part in other vehicles of investment with handsome returns, imagine the flow of this faucet.  WOW! 
All these comes at a price. The price is financial education.  Are you willing to learn more?  Are you spending more time on yourself or your job?  If your mindset is not prepared to accept the above, take time to condition your mind.  If you are not prepared, the various mechanism behind the 3rd bucket will look very very complicated. 
Do not shut your mind, as I have met many many people who simply push away opportunities without knowing what they are and how they work.  Tiredness and burnt-out kept them away from learning more.  Do you like learning? Are you learning for the benefit of your boss (your job) or for your ownself?
This has been a very long post.  I wonder whether this post helps?.  
BTW, have you guess the name I've labelled for the 3rd bucket yet?  I called it:
♥ ♥   the DREAM bucket.   ♥ ♥
Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, 
you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion 
to reach for the stars to change the world ~ Harriet Tubman

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  
Live the life you have imagined ~ Henry David Thoreau 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Updates 20120818 + of Meows & Purrs


Meow me m me, Meo m m meow.  Meow meo, meo, MEOW!!  Fsk!!  Fsk!!  Meeooowww, m me m m meeow. M m m m me meo m meow, Meo meowing me me meo meo m meeowing m me meeoooww. M meeoow m me me meo me meows m purrs :P  Okay, m m me me meo, meow, me meow meow meeoooww meow m mmeeeeooowwed m meo me meo-ed me meo meow meow meeeeoooww. :PPP
(What can I say, I'm on a hiatus.  That's bad, bad, BAD!  Grr!  Nevertheless, I try to be creative.  Be it on a dry spell of ideas, I'm putting on this silly post by inventing a new language.  I present to you my kitty cat meows and purrs :P  Okay, so I did not invent, rather, the feisty feline mammal sort of influenced and make me made up this kitty cat language. :PPP)  

M MEOW!!, m m meo, M m meow leh? Purr, purr.
(U SEE!!, be it silly, I am creative leh?) 
I'm cute!  I'm bored!  I'm self obsessed!
Meo mmeeoow, mmeeeoowing m meo meow, meo meo meeoow M me me m m m meow meo.  Meow m meoow Malaysia, meo m meeoowing m meowing m Syawal, meow m meo meo meeoowed meow Aidilfitiri meeeoowww, m m me m meeoowing meeow meow me me meo m m m-moew.  Whoppeeeee!! Purr, purr.
(But seriously, cutting the crap short, some fond formalities I still need to put in record here.  Since my country Malaysia, will be celebrating the coming of Syawal, besides the very much anticipated muslim's Aidilfitri celebration, it is also a welcoming holiday break for the rest of us non-muslim.  Whoppeeee!!!)

M m meow meow:
(To my muslim readers:)
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
M m meow, me meowing meo meo me m meow meowing m meowing, Me meowing m meo m meo m m me me m meow mmeeeooww meo. Ha ha, meow meow meow meeeoowwing meo meow me m meeeooowed meow me Fsk! meow?
(As for myself, I'm taking this time off to besides eating & resting, I'm going to grill my brain and get done with my money management post.  Ha ha, have you been guessing what name did I labelled for my 3rd bucket?)
** This post is not to be taken as offensive towards humans nor animals or any other form for that matters.  Life is not meant to practice hatred, sometimes, the moderation and light-hearted ways are better.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

My July 2012 Wrap-up

This post will be similar to my supposed weekly blessings posts which I have........ er, er........ infamously failed to produce one for each & every week. :P  My attempt to create a fix intervals for scheduling & updating myself failed tremendously.  Not only did I not blog at least once a week, I have also broke my 2012 resolution to deliver what's pledged. I cry..... Wahhh, WHAAHHH!!, wahhhhh  :'(  (Yup, i just wailed :-PPP)  Okaylah, stop with this pathetic attention seeking wailing!!
The truth is, there are blessings every month.  Each and every month everyone is showered with blessings.  Some may come in the form of spiritual, others may come as satisfaction or even material sake.  Even when I face grunges and disappointments, I take them as opportunities in learning something new and strength by strength, I build up my wisdom and confident.
Opportunity often comes in disguised in the form 
of misfortune, or temporary defeat - Napoleon Hill 

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist 
sees the opportunity in every difficulty - Winston Churchill
The month of July has always been special to me.  Full of excitement, nonetheless, before I appreciate it, it breezes through before my very eyes.  This time, I'm going to make sure its being broadcast and with it, me expressing my gratitude.  Hence, here I list my top 3 blessings for July 2012:
1) Meeting and Getting to Know Peers of Common Interest
The path is often lonely when travel alone. But when in group/s, this traveling becomes more meaningful and interesting.  I am glad my scope of friends is getting wider.  Having friends of common interest is a plus bonus.  This interest I'm talking about is non-other than blogging.  Yes, we are fabulous!!  
2) My Surprise Party
Never have I thought this would happen to me.  I treated this day the same as everyday.  At times, I disregard myself as a unique individual with a special day dedicated to me every year.  I thank my colleague for thinking otherwise.  And with her initiative, cooked up a surprise birthday gathering in my office.  Thank you Siti! ♥
3) Supporting My Homegrown Local Talent
I MET HIM AGAIN!  I don't always get to know or to even come close to any entertainment industry artists. They seem so far away and vague to my comprehension. But this guy is warm, friendly, and cheerful. His talent is more than just singing, he composes music and writes lyrics too. His performance is beyond just good. He is worthy to be notice. And being a thriving Sabahan, I am all to support our local talent. He is Appy!

Sabah is a land of beautiful wonders, and he is no exception.  I support!  Thank you for the music ♥.
That's my top 3.  Have you count your blessings? 
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM49,955.28  I almost did not make it. Phew!
** To know my last balance, click here.