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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Updates 20120818 + of Meows & Purrs


Meow me m me, Meo m m meow.  Meow meo, meo, MEOW!!  Fsk!!  Fsk!!  Meeooowww, m me m m meeow. M m m m me meo m meow, Meo meowing me me meo meo m meeowing m me meeoooww. M meeoow m me me meo me meows m purrs :P  Okay, m m me me meo, meow, me meow meow meeoooww meow m mmeeeeooowwed m meo me meo-ed me meo meow meow meeeeoooww. :PPP
(What can I say, I'm on a hiatus.  That's bad, bad, BAD!  Grr!  Nevertheless, I try to be creative.  Be it on a dry spell of ideas, I'm putting on this silly post by inventing a new language.  I present to you my kitty cat meows and purrs :P  Okay, so I did not invent, rather, the feisty feline mammal sort of influenced and make me made up this kitty cat language. :PPP)  

M MEOW!!, m m meo, M m meow leh? Purr, purr.
(U SEE!!, be it silly, I am creative leh?) 
I'm cute!  I'm bored!  I'm self obsessed!
Meo mmeeoow, mmeeeoowing m meo meow, meo meo meeoow M me me m m m meow meo.  Meow m meoow Malaysia, meo m meeoowing m meowing m Syawal, meow m meo meo meeoowed meow Aidilfitiri meeeoowww, m m me m meeoowing meeow meow me me meo m m m-moew.  Whoppeeeee!! Purr, purr.
(But seriously, cutting the crap short, some fond formalities I still need to put in record here.  Since my country Malaysia, will be celebrating the coming of Syawal, besides the very much anticipated muslim's Aidilfitri celebration, it is also a welcoming holiday break for the rest of us non-muslim.  Whoppeeee!!!)

M m meow meow:
(To my muslim readers:)
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
M m meow, me meowing meo meo me m meow meowing m meowing, Me meowing m meo m meo m m me me m meow mmeeeooww meo. Ha ha, meow meow meow meeeoowwing meo meow me m meeeooowed meow me Fsk! meow?
(As for myself, I'm taking this time off to besides eating & resting, I'm going to grill my brain and get done with my money management post.  Ha ha, have you been guessing what name did I labelled for my 3rd bucket?)
** This post is not to be taken as offensive towards humans nor animals or any other form for that matters.  Life is not meant to practice hatred, sometimes, the moderation and light-hearted ways are better.


  1. hahaha :D you know I tried to put tone and intonation to your miao language.. hehe

    thumb up for creativity!


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