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About Me

VIBRANT - that's my life.  Painted in various colourful shades to make this life as lively and dynamically possible running alongside with my personality.  Life does not always paint a rosy picture, yet, by applying positive thinking everyday, life is less miserable and more hopeful that my future will be brighter some day.  And I am anticipating this day will come soon.
FABULOUS - that's my motto.  In fact, for every women on earth.  Irregardless of our age, we stay positive and stand up tall being proud of who we are. Being the feminine nature of the two (you do know the other is masculine, right?), I have love, care, tenderness, fondness, adoration, appreciation, respect, delight, cherish, and all the likes to spread and share.
BROKE - WTF! That's my current situation.  Internal and external pressure pressing on this delicate soul as I brave the harsh reality and face the fact that I need to confront point blank of my mountainous credit card debts.
Do I sound frivolous?  Well, that's because despite the debt ridden life, I do not want to sacrifice my love in pampering myself and my loved ones.   How the hell possible am I to stay fabulous and keep my life in vibrancy?  Managing debt is the keyword.
Hence, I am going to apply here the same influential power of keeping tab of myself managing my debt as I did for my weight.  I did this in my last experimental blog and it has since opened a whole new perspective and new experience to this once dull life. Though I do find this may be more difficult as compared to managing weight, but nevertheless.... there is no harm in trying, right?  OMGFML!
"Energy & Persistence Conquers All Things" - Benjamin Franklin
In some of my post entries, you may find small notes with numbers and either a positive or negative smiley.  That is the total credit card debt that I'm still carrying.  A positive smiley means I'm moving towards reducing debt, while duh! negative means.... the opposite. Duh! duh!
"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up" - Thomas Edison
And as I begin this journey, I embrace the truthful fact that my total credit card debt as of today is : RM64,458.87.  ACK!!
Hello, I am Wendy.  

12 December 2011

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