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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Musical Fountain @ Perdana Park, Kota Kinabalu

This is my 3rd trip to this place since it was officially declared open way back in January 2011.  The Vkitty family had just enjoyed our dinner and wanted to kill some time.  It was the eve of the Sabah State's Harvest Festival celebration & holiday.  The weather was warm..... even at night.  :O
Equipped with a camera,  we headed to the Perdana Park with an aim to be entertained by the musical fountain.  Daily shows start from 7pm till 9pm, with 4 show slots at 15 mins interval with another 15 mins rest in between shows. (T____T , don't know whether you get what I mean here??) 
These pics were taken by Beary:
Ahem, this one was taken by yours truly.  The only one ;-).  B4 the show.

Spectacular "dances" I reckon :-) 
Besides the musical fountain entertainment, we strolled the entire park too.  In fact this is my first attempt circling the park on this 3rd visit. :-P   
My 1st visit, last year : All the rave of the new park and the musical fountain.  Hence, was there just for the fountain sake. 
My 2nd visit, last year : On a hot afternoon.  Don't know y the beach bar ran out of coconuts.  We ended at Perdana Park and got ourselves 2 pandan coconuts instead. :P  Was desperate to satisfy the craving for the refreshing juice but not crazy enough to patron the nearby beach stalls. (I have my own reason y I do not patron these stalls).
And these are the remaining pics taken by Beary for the night:
Resting "pondok" i.e. a shed & red pathways for light stroll/jog.

The well lit park with its man-made pond. 

View of the musical fountain from a different angle.

Cheeky & Manja, fascinated by the "squirting" dance

High high up into the air.  
I like to stand near the railings so that I could feel the water droplets ;-) 
I am glad the park is still well and neatly maintained.  New eateries are mushrooming with reasonable prices stated on their menus.  Too bad I just had my dinner.  Nevertheless, I shall make an effort to try out their interesting dishes in my next trip, which will definitely be sooner than later. ;-)
Oh, btw, b4 I forget, 2 very important info to note:  
1) The carpark entrance fee is still at RM1 per entry.  
2) Entrance to the park and show is F.O.C. 
** RM51,548.47   Yay, babeeee! I'm back on track!! *smooch*  
** To know my last balance, click here



  1. I've been there many times but have not try and dine there :) maybe next time

    1. Yes, I am also looking forward to taste some food there :)

  2. It is very beautiful pictures really infects create a pleasant moment surrounding us.Musical fountain increasing beauty of our place with mixture of water and music.


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