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Friday, 11 May 2012

Updates 20120511

So many things and events were reveling around me, where should I begin?   
I am no superwoman hence, finally, I broke down.  Went to see the doctor last Tuesday, she literally said my health was in a state of "koyak".  I was having fever which I did not know of, and that my hormones were playing up on me.  Besides the frequent eczema breakouts, I was at that time threatened with chicken pox.  Okayla, chicken pox is now of common sickness, but in the olden days, it used to be fatal.  The doc did not seemed to take it lightly on this and hence, I was given an earful for not taking my health seriously. :(
Often living in a fast pace life, I took my health for granted and was brutally abusing myself.  Day and night, it seems my responsibilities was endless.  Having a full time job, being a mom, being a daughter, being a wife...... being a kuli lah I have been.  Geez, no wonder the koyak word came about.  
This health alert made me stop my step and the compulsory rest was warranted.  I took this opportunity to reflect on what I've done and whether all these were worthwhile.  In fact, before this meltdown, I have been ticking my thoughts,....... was trying to find a way out.  I knew my lifestyle was pacing mad, with mostly serious matters to look into 24hrs a day everyday.  So many seriousness, how can I continue and carry a smile on this face of mine?  After 10 days being at home, constantly having my hand mirror with me inspecting the gruelsome chick pox,  taking medication discipline-ly at 4 hr intervals, letting time just pass by and do whatever that I like....... life was like heaven.  I rekindled on the tiny stuff that I enjoyed doing ♥.  Suddenly, my life was so much more fabulous ♥.  
I remembered during my 20s' when I was hit with Hep A, a compulsory 1 week rest confined at home.  At that time, time seemed wasted, and i could not wait to get out there and brave myself to experience the outside "fun".  My 20s' was spent having nothing but to enjoy.  That was my 20s' story.  Now in my 30s', I could not get enough of "me" time.  Everyday being outside and not being with myself was not enjoyful.  The traditional maternal instinct to provide for the family is closely intact.  Though situation changes, the values of a perfect family life has not fade.  What my parents did, what my grandparents did and the fact of what my ancestors did, and now I am trying to do, is to create security for the wellbeing of my loved ones.  As long as there is love and kindness in this world, this value will continue on generations beyond my own.  It is only when they appreciate your effort with their love express upon you, a satisfaction is met.  Everything was worthwhile.
I am glad that I am providing to others, yet I ask myself have I been neglecting myself?  YES, I have not love myself like before, nevertheless I've formed a deep respect for own-self.  So, with this half-time break, I reflected what I really wanted and shall once again, chase after my once forgotten dream life of mine.
Come next week when its the going back to the battle zone, this kitty shall not meow, but ROAR!!
If you have hope in the future, you will have power in the present ~  Chris Voss
Boy!!, that was heavy.  Food for thoughts. *Ting-ting!!*  On a lighter note, What did I do in this 10 days break?  Besides the eat, sleep and shit, two other things I did were: 
* watched my fav HK TVB dramas (something I did not do for a long long time) ; and
* played games...... more specifically, Cityville on facebook.  I'm a junkie :P (will stop and block when I resume my daytime job). 
Oh, and 1 other thing, sharpening my make-up skill.
My eyes nice ma?  Trying out double eye lid makeup.
This was yesterday.  Did the eyes only, on my bare face, no foundation, but with medicated ointment for the chick pox :P  Doc said no nothing except for ointment O_O.  Showing my right side.  Left is horror-ful :O
Recovering from chick pox soon.  Yeah, I can haz my health back!!   
HEALTH is WEALTH.  That is so very true. 
So, I'm ending here wishing everyone of great health and happiness ♥.

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