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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Triple Launch Party by Carlsberg

Beary said I drink like him.  Whatever amount of beer he takes, I match his.  His admiration of my macho-ness while guzzling down glasses and glasses of beer got him stamped his approval as a potential life partner.  And that's how I got hitched & became a wife. WTF!
So when I heard of this invitation to blog about beer, there were sparkles in my eyes.  We are in the mid of our hot & dry season, so hot that I wondered how our Unduk Ngadau ladies could maintain their composure.  Ever graceful and steady, my RESPECT ♥ to ya girls.
A refreshing thirst quencher would be heavenly right at this moment.  To witness a launching ceremony accompanied by these drinks, its party Party PARTY!!
There were 3 significant programmes on that night: 
1) Introducing the new, modern, contemporary packaging of Carlsberg quart bottle ~ The global relaunch of Carlsberg took place across 140 markets worldwide since April last year.  And now its extended to East Malaysia aligned with its global brand revamp effort whilst embracing its new tagline "That Calls for a Carlsberg".  The new positioning calls for a brand that's VIBRANT, contemporary, young, 'cool', inspirational, bold and modern and is anchored on the rich heritage of the brewery as well as its quality. 
Carlsberg girls with their big bottles

The big bottles cast within an ice sculpture

Mr. Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia giving his opening remark

The launching of the quart sized bottle.  Seeing here with the local distributor representative
The programme was immediately followed by the launching of the KK Jazz Festival 2012.
2) Carlsberg & Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2012 (KKJF) ~ Carlsberg has been a regular supporter of KKJF since year 2010.  This festival brings together a musical melting pot of talents from around the world and is now a signature event in the Sabah's annual calendar of events whilst as a key component of the Kota Kinabalu Arts Festival.  Over the years, KKJF has grown from a 1 night concert into a 2 day event with a series of fringe stages, workshops and talent search.   
Carlsberg gladly announced its continued partnership with this highly anticipated KKJF as the official beer sponsor for the 3rd consecutive year.
Mr. Jack Ong, President of KKJF, presenting a souvenir to Mr. Soren Ravn, 
marking the official launch of the event
Last but not least, the final highlight of the night:
3)  Launching of the Asahi Super Dry ~ Latest family member of Carlsberg Malaysia, Asahi Super Dry caters for the premium beer segment.  Brewed in a unique Karakuchi method, this No. 1 Japanese beer gives a clean, crisp and refreshing taste with no bitterness.  The launching made was in view of the recent agreement signed with Asahi Breweries Ltd (ABL), where the rights to locally manufacture, sell & distribute the Asahi Super Dry by Carlsberg Malaysia's brewery in Shah Alam.
All in all, I think I've covered the "ingredients" of the launching.  So much info to cover, yet it did not dampen the fun factor.  It was a Blast-ful night of laughters, music & socializing!!   
Okay la, I'll add some random pics that I took, just to show you how fabulous can one gain from covering such events:
The crowd.  See the guy with a hat?  Wait, I'll tell you more later.....

The bar with its endless supply of beer

Tadah!!  That's me.  So brave ah me, despite being an obasan. LOL.

Our forever never empty glasses.....

...... & now you know why they're never empty!!!

Rungitom & the guy with the hat again...... (wait-wait.  I'll tell you soon)

OMG! Is this cool or what?  The MD giving a rap no.!!

 Don't know this guy..... LOL, I know la, he's the PR for Carlsberg ;-)

Met Charlotte Fong.  Having our Asahi.

Haiya this Rungitom. No signal one when taking pic.

They call this the ELECTRIFYING dance performance

With Carrie the dazzling emcee & Charlotte

Carrie in action

TADAH!! Appy in da haus.  Latest talent in town.  Sold off all his EP release within days!

More jazzy songs serenading the night away
I'm glad I made it to this event as besides meeting new people, I found out that Carlsberg had in the past 2 months, won numerous awards.  To name them:
~ Won Gold at the Putra Brand Award for 3 consecutive years
~ Best Brand in F&B catergory of the Brand Laureate Awards 2011/2012
~ Most Trusted Brand Award by the Reader's Digest Award for the 14th time
One other celebrated award by Carlsberg Malaysia itself is the JBR's 2011 brand re-launch award, received at the recent Carlsberg Leadership Conference Gala Dinner in Rome.  
My door gift : The beer of choice for the EURO 2012 Football Championship 
I have also build an appreciation to jazz music and can't wait for the KKJF on the 15 & 16 June 2012.  It will be held at the covered tennis court of the Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club.  Tickets are available for sale now.  
Visit the KKJF website for more info, ya. 
Thank you for extending this awesome fun party invite.  Mucho gracias!! *Muah!!

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