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Saturday, 16 June 2012

I Can Now Smile Confidently

Telling you this is like letting the cat out of the sack.  Something that have been with me for a long long time and I was hiding away.  Yet my conscience was getting louder and louder, so loud that I finally pick up my courage and plunge down the building........... kidding, not the building, but meeting the DENTIST :-P.
I have great phobia when it comes to seeing one of them.  This profession is no doubt, professionals in their field, but still the sound of their dental tools drilling and etching on my precious teeth while hands/fingers inside my mouth with myself lying helplessly on their dental chair?/bed? is sooooooo UNGLAMOROUS!!  Heck, terribly awful not shiok setting la.  BUT!!, its the consequences thereafter that counts.
So, jumping to the conclusion of this post, the brave in me made the leap and this is the end result:
Chio or not?? ^_^
For those who knew me, I have been suffering from this:
** Horrible discoloration - Pearly grey O.o
Reasons of discoloration can be anything from over consuming of coffee / tea, food colouring, poor dental hygiene, aging, smoking, expose of excessive flouride, metal existence in mouth such as fillings, genetic, & etc.  Those highlighted in bold were what I was suffering back then.  What's in my etc. list?  During my secondary school years, I was active in sports and had once suffered badly when an elbow was forced and accidentally hit bull's eye on my mouth.  Nothing major happened and the game continued on.  It was only later that uncomfortable symptoms were felt.  On top of that, I had gum bleeding when I was attending college.  But, discoloring was not really as bad then.
As time passes, with a suffered root canal tooth due for hideous discoloration, the aging factor was added for the rest of my pearlies.  Sigh, things became worst especially when I flip magazines seeing the Hollywood code of practice for amazing smiles.  SIGH!!  Felt really really bad la. "WHY ME?"  This was at end of last year.
Hence, since late last year, I have been embarking on a quest to attain better smile.  Some were quoting in thousands of ringgit and confusing procedures.  I'm not a complicated lady, I just want a simple answer.  My question was "Dr., please see my current condition and tell me whether I can attain whiter teeth?"  I didn't really care of the procedure as long as it does not burn a great big hole in my pocket & is not invasive with minimal damage to my healthy teeth.  YES, despite the colour, I am having real healthy & sturdy teeth that I could bite & tear a chunk of raw meat away from the bone............. kidding, kidding. :-)
I ended up convinced by this procedure called Everbrite.  I was made to understand it won't be as white, but it'll solve my discolored root canal-ed tooth.  This particular tooth is one of my bunny teeth, so you can imagine how much agony have I suffered with an imperfect smile.  If you are wondering, all my smiles in my previous posts were altered, teeth colored to an acceptable level.  There!!, that's the cat escaped from the sack!! Phew, letting the cat free, I am also one action lesser in altering my photos.
And now, I present to you the truthful Vkitty and her new found brilliant smiles:

The procedure took 1½ hours.  It was painful, but bearable.  I have great tolerance for pain.  I have afterall, delivered 2 babies.  NO PAIN IS COMPARABLE TO THE AFFLICTION OF GIVING BIRTH.  My apologies, I have to emphasize that.  Without a doubt, hands down, the dang-est pain in my life was labouring to see my babies. 
The whitening procedure is nonetheless, painful enough allowing myself shedding a tear.  Totally not what the Dr. mentioned of when I consulted him.  My kitty claws were gripping tight onto the chair?/bed? and at times, fist up ready to bash the person next to me........... kidding, kidding, kidding. ;-)
Well, that's all I can express about the procedure.  Its simple, non abrasive and fast.  I am happy with the result, nonetheless falling short of satisfaction.  But the Dr. welcomes me to see him again for further treatment/procedure in enhancing the whiteness.  But after that pain, I guess I need time to recuperate physically and mentally.  Gum was sore and pain killers were needed. 
Maybe I'll consider during my next 6 months check-up, with deliberation on the depth of my pocket & whether there are any other "more friendly" solution. O.o
By the way, depending on your lifestyle, Everbrite may or may not last. 
** photos in blue bb-T, courtesy of AngelBear


  1. Nice white teeth!! Happy for you!! :D

    Can I seek for your advise on how much does it cost? PLeaseeeeeeeee. And who is the dentist!!!

  2. those are really pearly whites! Good for you :D

  3. Hello MeiTzeu & Dora,

    Thanks for the compliment. The cost is RM12 short to RM1k. The dentist is Dr. Roland Chia @ Lido, Penampang. He has more than 1 clinic, & I first approached his clinic at Rafflesia Medical Centre. I was then referred to his Api-Api clinic before completing the procedure at Lido.

    I have also updated this post noticing the procedure is actually Everbrite, and not BriteSmile. Nevertheless, he conducts both, so you have the choice.

    Hope this helps.


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