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Friday, 7 September 2012

2/3 Gone, 1/3 Remain

One day, I saw this and re-tweeted on twitter-sphere:
Without realising, 2/3 of the year 2012 had just gone by and now with only 120 days left at my disposal, which quickly reminded me of the resolution I made earlier.  So a swift reference to what I have determined way back in January 4, here's what I have done (unveiling the good and the bad O.o) :
1) To blog twice a week.
PHAILED!! Terribly failing in this department.  Before realising how mad busy a person I am, I thought I was able to do it.  When the initial signs crept up signaling that it is no longer possible for my situation, I thought "Okaaaay....., how about by averaging, it doesn't have to be 2  posts a week, just as long I have 104 entries a year".  Guess what?
PHAILED!!  FML!!  I got busier than anticipated.  To have 104 entries is totally out of reach.  To compensate, I slashed the target by 50%, 52 it'll be which by averaging, its 1 post a week.  To date, am having 37 entries including this, so, I hope this adjusted target is reachable.  Even if it does not, as long as the posts are with content, I am happy.  So, a minimum of 15 posts to go before year end.  Can I do it?  FML! FML! Major F-king my life!
2) To reduce my credit card debts.
Needless to say, I have been updating every month of my latest figures. And the most updated numbers are shown at the end of this post. Although I have somewhat made progress, but you will soon find out I may be going back to where I started. Approaching year end is always an out of pocket situation in this yearly life cycle of mine. WTF, mucho F-king my life again! Awwww, sucking my yearly dejavu rendesvous *blackened long face*.
3) Making this world a better place to live in.
At times, I see progress.  Other times, it gets worse.  Just where are we heading?  My hope is all for moving forward positively.  Make this a better world to live in.  Help as many people as possible. There are people in need, much more needing attention than I do.  Hence, I'm putting on my "for life betterment" hat by helping out in the coming KK Befrienders World Suicide Prevention Day Awareness Walk, to be held on Sept 9, 6.30am at the Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu.  The theme is "Life is Precious".  Indeed its precious, so come and assemble at the carpark fronting the Indoor Climbing Centre.  I'll be passing you one of these bands. ;-) Click on the above link to find out more of the programme.  Lucky draws include winning iPads and other peripherals.
4) To do more travelling
I did.  I went up to Ranau to enjoy the cooling environment & seeing the majestic Mount Kinabalu at a near distance and I went down to Kinarut to enjoy the beach side which still quite untouched as compared to the beaches up north near Tuaran.  Yet, they do not give me the satisfying ummph of enriching my knowledge nor life.  So, I made a 180° diversion and arranged a year end trip to KL which is totally unintended for.  AND NOW YOU KNOW WHY my item 2) is mentioned as such.  YEAR END TRIPS ARE NOT CHEAP!  Well, even KL may not be the ideal place to go to as I have been there for Ns and Ns of times. Sigh, at least the H&M store will be opened by then and I may leave my footprints on the corridor/walkway leading to KLCC from Pavilion. :P  What a lame life I have.  I just hope this trip will fulfil my emptiness and meet my need for enrichment.  Oh, and also to give Cheeky and Manja the much needed adventure and discovery beyond their usual locality.  The boys have only travel on planes not more than the count of fingers on 1 hand. FTL & FML, I'm a bad mommy, lazy in planning and packing luggage :P.
5) To get a purse.
This is easy.  And is supposed to be the 1st to achieve. But guess what?  Here's the purse I'm still using :
Well, maybe I'll finally find one in KL.  Or maybe the right one will appear before my eyes soon.  Just do not understand why it is so hard for me to get one that I like. Did the world ran out of things I want?  Ya, I'm all grumpy, but that's okay.  On a forethought, I love window shopping.  So visiting shopping malls and their stores again and again is a pleasure stroll for me.  How about you?

So, with 120 days in our pocket, that is if you're counting from Sep 2, or lesser if you believe in the Nostradamus prophecy and Mayan Calendar, how awesome will you make this year to end?  Lets buck up and drive our life to awesome-ness! I'm all for the win!! FTW!!  
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM49,899.52   Progress is slowing down. Year end is approaching  

** To know my last balance, click here.


  1. Dont drive yourself crazy with th number of blog post lah but you definitely need a new purse! :P

    1. LOL, I'm just cruisin. Ain't drivin. Oh, & purse hunting ;)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by Super Kawaii Mama, so pleased to meet you!
    I love your goals, I have similar ones myself this year. I'm determined to be debt free by the end of this year and plan loads more trips. I may have to send you a new purse though... that is too sad!! ^-^ xx

  3. Hello SKM, wishing your goals come true, especially the one on eliminating debts :)


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