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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Year 2012 Resolutions

Now that its the new year, its time to sit down and think hard of any resolutions I would like to accomplish in this brand new 2012.  Have you made yours yet?
Frankly, besides putting effort to reduce my fucked up life of great debts, I do not really have any other major resolutions to look at.  Then again, maybe I am not trying hard enough.  So after a brief think tank work, here are my resolutions for Year 2012:
1) My most important objective for this year is to reduce my debts to a reasonable amount.  Why not be debt free?  Come on, I need to be realistic, even if I were to repay RM3k per month, that will only be RM36k, which will still not be able to settle all my credit card debts.  So sad but true, hence I need to be REALISTIC and stay FOCUS! 
2) I hope to blog at least twice a week.   Some people may find this funny, 'coz they have no problem in blogging everyday.  Yet, every individuals come from different backgrounds and living in different situations.  So, after taking into consideration of the universe I am cocooned in, I think twice a week is fair.  What do you think?
3) This will not be under my controllable grasp.  Nevertheless, I do hope there are more compassionate and the willingness to help people out there, making this world a better place to live in, instead of hatred, greed and selfishness which are now rampant.  Of course, these are uncontrollable by me, so I hope some magic will happen and make everyone wear their smiles everyday.  *No, the magic I'm talking about is not the Nostradamus/Mayan calendar theory, unless it brings positive change instead of the gloomy picture the theory has been projecting all this while.
4) I wish I am able to travel more this year.  Of course, within my means, with a manageable budget.  Do not care if its local tour, just as long as I can share the beauty of the travels.
5) See my purse?  It's peeling off / flaking away.  Hence, I hope to get a good purse...... er...., and a good camera, a good laptop, and maybe to get a new car OMGFML. 
That's it! My new year resolution.  Except on resolution no. 3, for all the rest, #challengeaccepted.  Out of the 4, I think no. 5 will be the first to accomplish..... that is, to get a purse and er...... not the rest.... yet - period!
Ending my post with a chio pic of myself.  Kbye!
Pic taken during my 2012 NYE brunch

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