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Monday, 30 January 2012

My 5th day of CNY

WTF!  I have not blog for the past 1 week.  There goes my resolution to blog twice a week *slap on the forehead*.  To get back on the game, I now have to apply the averaging method to catch up with my promise of blogging 2 times in 7 days.... yes, that means, you may be seeing 3 or 4 posts a week!! Just to be back on track with my resolution :p. 
The lazy bug did not bite on me, but Cheeky did.  He was hogging my pc.  And when I finally got my hands on my pc, my pics in my cheapo camera were unable to upload.  HOW HORRIBLE!  It was even more horrible then that I need to use my shallow tech know-how brain to adopt the solution of running to a photo processing shop and went through the conventional way of getting my pics burnt into a DVD-R.... for RM6!  They have the card reader, I don't.  Boo hoo!  So, now that I've got my pics rescued, it also means saying goodbye to the cheapo camera.  Bye-bye!
Sigh, putting all these aside, this post is about my awesome CNY celebration.  Every year, my family goes through a week long of unending visits and trips.  Tiring yes, but of great fun..... fuiyoh, most fun!!   And I'll start with my 5th day of CNY, coz that's the one which I took most pics of.
I was at an office CNY open house.  The office is damn geng one, see all these unicorns?  That green coloured one, I do not know what it was.  Can it be the 'Nian' monster?  I'm just guessing.  Maybe someone can enlighten me on this?
Wah!! Many-many unicorns
Wah!! Many-many lions
Then this kid got scared by the beat of the chinese drums and other instrumentals.  Hid in the comfort of his mom accompanying him. Guess who's the mom? :(
By then, Beary was holding my camera and took the remaining pics.  Say thanks to Beary,  ♥.
The rain was drizzling on that day. Yet, these people were capable of performing acrobatic acts be it rain or shine.  The lifting of the pole was the beginning of a very dangerous stunt.  Children, do not try this at home!!
Lion climbing up the pole.  Nope, its not pole dancing.
Roaring lion successfully made it to the top of the pole.  *Salute!
Bear in mind they said they were testing out due to the rain.  Little did we know they climbed all the way up.  Fuiyoh, admiring their braveness 'coz....... it was REALLY DAMN dangerous!!  The suspense was killing everyone watching. *Salute! Salute!
Smiling Lion safely returned on ground.
Next was the 18 lion heads to begin another performance for the crowd.  Soon they were forming a tunnel which I think was called the tunnel of better fortune.  I could not resist and went through that tunnel.
The pic on the right showed me inside the tunnel.  Luckily because of the rain, it wasn't as sweat smelly from these performers.  So, will I seek better fortune after this?  I hope so, wanna reduce my credit card bills. :p  Talking about the bills, the update is at the end of this post.
There were other performances too, such as :
Auspicious dragon dance.  The almighty symbol among the auspicious chinese animal kingdom.
Auspicious fishes.  Symbol of bountiful.  Found one hideous looking fish though (left pic).
Click here to know the history of lion dance.
Thank you to the firm's generosity in arranging the performance. Soon it was time for lunch and we drove off to a local chinese restaurant for some munch, and guess what?  Another auspicious animal appeared before us.  This time, it looks gentler and yummy too.
Buns in the form of Rabbits.  Symbol of brightness and intelligent.
Being surrounded by so many auspicious animals, I felt a sudden "Ong-ness" (bountiful) in me.  Huat (prosperous) to everyone!! Happy Chinese New Year!!
**To know my last balance, click here.

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