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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Grrrrr......... ;(

Have not been into the blogging juice for awhile.  Besides writer's block, I blame it on 3 things. The blaming part is of lame excuse, but then again, somewhat bugging me.  So here goes:
First, it was the internet connection.  Streamyx had been playing up with my bill.  Refrained me from online for 4 days before I found out.  Then on the 5th day, it took them 24 hrs to reconnect me to cyber world.  WTF!  It has always been okay for me to be late by a few days, but somehow, they must have sneaked on my luck and turned 180 degrees against me.  No fun! Considering I have been paying every month, though late.  How about those who have not been paying for months? (If there is such luckier person than me)  When r u going to chase after them?
Then there is the pageview counter which totally drained out my motivation mojo.  It's almost to a month soon and I have yet to solve the problem with my choice of counter.  I need stats!!  I need to know how I'm doing.  Yet the counter on my page now is totally playing tricks on me.  I mean, yes I'm no expert in widgets stuff, afterall I admit my weakness in my very first post, right?  Adding salt to the wound, is my terribly hectic lifestyle of balancing between work and family.  Sigh, anyway, since holiday is juuuuuuuuuuussstt right round the corner, I hope to solve this dilemma ASAP or else, I may be dragging my feet at an even worse pace.  So not funny in this dept!!
And finally, I kinda loss my chio component.  Zits r mushrooming on this "I've been trying really hard to maintain" face of mine.  Gosh, I feel sooooooooooooo Blah!  to a stage that I couldn't care less if I turn into a hag overnight.  I've not been into the lotions nor moisturizers for god knows for how long!!  Eeeeeekk!! It's going to be CNY, I have GOT to buck up!!
Okay, that's all, no chio pic of mine for now until I can conceal all these blemishes of mine.  So, I've slapped tonnes of oh my god only he knows the amount of liquid I'm wearing now on my bare soul!!
Ending my post with a humble wish to my readers who are celebrating CNY. 
Counting down with 2 days to go  :


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Have a great time celebrating ya :D

  2. Thanks Dora. *CNY giddy max here n_n


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