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Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekly Blessings

♥ This is a weekly post on the many mini encounters I experienced for the past week.  It may be blessings, or at times, applying the singular adjective.  Though maybe insignificant, yet they are capable of staging some vibrancy to this kitty's life.  Counting my blessings every day   
This week's blessings are influenced by Cheeky as he advances himself from a kindergarten pupil to a primary school student.
This year sets a another milestone for both Cheeky and I. Besides him commencing his education years in primary school, it also means myself having to prepare recess meals for him.  This is a tough job especially when there's a need to use some brain power.  Hence, instead of cracking my head on every evenings, I came up with a timetable.  This was inspired and adopted from Cheeky's kindergarten days where his previous school displayed a meal timetable.  As the timetable was recyclable every 2 weeks, I just followed as per.  
So 2 weeks passed, and the timetable seems acceptable.  How do I know?  He takes his meals diligently.  Loving my timetable.  Yes, its scribbled and that's my handwriting.  One of these days, I'm going to properly print it out from my computer and replace the scribbled one that is sitting nicely on my fridge.
Besides preparing recess meals for Cheeky, I was determine to start the financial education for him early.  Irregardless of the feedbacks I got from other mothers, because of my current situation, I really feel there is no harm in teaching him the power of saving now. Several pre-runs were made during the holidays which saw great changes to his attitude on this subject.  Hence I am more confident in him handling money now as compared to last year.
I did not want to restrict nor stop him from visiting the school canteen, more so to feel the emptiness of not able to get things he may need or whenever he gets bored with my timetable meals.  And so, he finally bought something from the canteen.  It was a packet of noodles..... for Beary!  Lucky father!  Yes, he took his timetable meal!  Yes, that was the only thing he bought by far!  Yes, I am jealous!

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