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Monday, 18 November 2013

gDayX at Kota Kinabalu on 24 November 2013

I may be the last person to stick my neck out declaring I'm a geek.  Correction, I do not need to make a shout out, 'coz I'm no computer freak, yo.  I'm just a plain Jane on a rat track rut being the typical woman with a typical lifestyle..... with the occasional spicing up of my version of vibrant and fabulous. ;D  But saying that, it doesn't mean I avoid the many technologies that is fast advancing and speeding before me. I am afterall, neither living in the caveman age nor high up in the trees in the virgin jungle.   
I am a modern person living in a modern world, and within this modern world, people kept inventing new ways of making life better.  Hence, one of the fastest growing invention known to men is the technological advancement of the computer age.  There is no avoiding that these days everyone owns one or more of these intelligent gadgets.  With such means, people aim to enhance their productivity.  Yet productivity doesn't mean owning only gadgets, you need to maximise their functionalities by knowing and getting familiarise with the various productivity functions available.  And that is exactly why you should know about this upcoming event:
Google is coming to town!!  Right here in our doorstep, Kota Kinabalu!!
Google needs no introduction, If you have seen the movie "The Internship", you would have known how much commitment they put into improving life with technology.  But nearer to our shores, you should know about the gDayX event which will be taking place soon.  Here, I copied and pasted the event information from its source, you are welcome:
"GDayX is a community-organised event that is supported by Google. This event brings together Google employees and influential voices of the industry to engage with Google users, the students, startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, to learn and share insights on web technology and Google tools". 
"Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities, want to know more about Google tools and what it can do for you or leveraging Google technologies for online presence and business expansion, this GDayX is the perfect place to get it started".
Sounds good doesn't it?  Well, what I am about to reveal to you may even blow you up.  Ready?   
ITS FREE!!!  Hurry, grab your seat now.  Register yourself here. 
Here's the event details:
Date : 24th November 2013 (Sunday)
Time : 9am to 6pm
Venue : GSC Hall, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu 
Some other additional information can be obtain here: 
The agenda : 
The Speakers : 
The Facebook Page : 
The Google+ Page :
And you know what?  There's a mystery guest appearance too.  Guess who?  Or rather, What?  Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever in Sabah, the unveiling of the Google Glass will be made here during this event.  Exciting!!  Here's a sneak peek video:
So, do not miss this opportunity.  You'll never know,..... the next time, you may need to pay!!  Again, register yourself here
See you there!

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  1. Did you manage to attend the event?? Pretty unfortunate I'm not nearby or I would have tried the Glass! :D

    Happy Monday, tomorrow, Vibrantkitty!


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