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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Year 2013 : My Mid Year Review

Hello there! 
Some of you may know that I am on my office annual leave for 3 days.  Well, its ending soon with Monday just around the corner.  Its back to working mode by then. 
With this break, I took the liberty of spending some quality time being at peace with myself, and doing the things that I like or even catching up some tasks I had delay for some time.  Hence, the 1st thing that I did was to send my car for a badly needed service.  Oh boy, you would not have believe how much a Kelisa could cost you for a thorough service.  I paid RM430 + RM225 + RM80 + RM50.  So how much is that? 
RM430 for engine and under the car (what do you call that part where they hoist your car up and check the gadgets beneath your vehicle?  I don't know.  So I'll just go with under the car then :P)
RM225 for servicing of car air conditioner. Its now Brrrr-ing cold ;D
RM80 for the car being lifted back to workshop when one of the replaced part was not functioning IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY ROAD!!  This was on the 3rd day after servicing it which had cause me missing a bloggers meet up opportunity >:( 
RM50 for cleaning, vacumming and polishing.  I added polish coz my car has lost its shine.  From the way I see it, more polishing is needed.  Sigh :( 
Fine! So I paid a hefty sum for car servicing.  And more to come too.  Yet, this does not happen everyday.  Its just a small fraction to pay when you realise how much it has given back to me.  Bringing me to places where I needed to be and accomplishing my everyday task because it has been loyal to me.  Its just something I need to do to allow myself to travel further and accomplish more.   
So here's a pic of how my baby blue car looks like now.
Duh! Look just like any other ordinary Kelisa. Lololol :P
Then there is also the badly needed clearing of my stuff from Cheeky's room.  My growing child needs to have his own space.  You wouldn't believe how messy these stuff had accumulated to.   

After some loving, tender and caring-ness, the full of mommy's way, this is the end result:   
Some of my stuff are still there.  Sorry Cheeky.  But mommy is helpless of ideas where to store my stuff.  Hence still needing a tiny bit of your shelf space, pls *battering weepy eyes. 
Of course I've done many more other things during this break, but I guess the better part was having my big day just the way I enjoyed it.  Quiet time enjoying my dessert"S" (literally) while watching the busy commotion across the street from my seat.  I was at the Mosaic, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu at that time.  A good reflection to myself to not fall into the trap of what's at the opposite side of the street but to keep focusing on reaching my intended destiny.   
One fine birthday.... err?.... day :P
Oh, and 1 more accomplishment unlocked, this is my 52nd blog entry.  A year ago, I aimed to hit this number by last year's end.  Of course, I didn't make it.  Today, I have finally done it, albeit late.  But hey,.....
I'VE DONE IT!! Yes, successkid.jpg.
♥ ♥ ♥
** RM44,552.62 =(( No lah, not as sad la.  A need to buck up lor.  Or is it?? 
** To know my last balance, click here

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