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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My 1st Post on Money Management

I once attended a MLM evening talk and they were explaining the power of generating an enviable income. In fact, I think if you are to attend most MLM talks, they will be showing you the faucet as the income source.
To me, whether MLM or not, the generating of a decent income is the easier part as compared to what lies after that.  As long as you have the experience, patience, and/or qualification to initiate a business or job, this is not that difficult at all.  Of course, this needs to come with the backup of a healthy economy and positive attitude.  Some of you may argue of the above statement, especially youngsters or the unemployed seeking for jobs, but just bear with me as I am not dwelling on that department.  I am looking more on what happens after earning your 1st pay cheque.
So what happens after kissing your 1st pay cheque from toiling your sweat & blood for one whole month?   Let me tell you what I did:
In my early 20s : Woohoo!!  Party like there's no tomorrow.  Spending is a must.  There's a need to look cool and uptrend.  Minimum savings.  I'm still young what!!  I've got a job!!  I have earnings.  No sweat la!!
My mid 20s :  Starting to wonder why people are better off than me?  I have a job, not a bad pay, but y people of my age are driving their Mercedez while I was still faithfully riding my Proton?  Keen to find out and started participating in various talks.  Yes, I attended many many many talks and yes, I read many many books.
What I found out was, I wasn't earning a high flying salary.  It was just as average as any other people on the street.  And I toiled myself, forcing myself to wake up everyday in time to witness the sun rising, selling my time and energy to others when I was supposed to enjoy the best age of my life, in return for a pay cheque every month end.  Apparently the 20s' age is also the most productive age with lots of energy.
And so, my best years were spent stuck in offices.  If I was given a choice, I would have chosen freedom anytime.  How about you?  Yet, reality check do not agree with my desire. Sigh!  And so, after attending so many talks, I've selected the below image as my post today: 
This image was seen from one of those MLM talks.  Sooo many talks, I couldn't recall which one la.  But I'll give all credits to them if only I remember. 
So like I said, the faucet is your job/business.  By the motion of turning the tap (energy), the end result is water running out from the faucet.  The water is your dough.  Get me? Easy to start earning money right?   Yet the trap of life is on how you manage the $$$, and that is reflected in the 3 buckets (yes, they looked more like glasses, 'coz that's be best I can find la.  I designed it myself, searching for a long long time for images, you should give credit to me for my genius-ness!! Somemore not competent in using pc le!!)
A closer look at those buckets, they mimic sharply to the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  Just ask yourself what is it that you need?  What is it that you want?  And pretty soon you will fill up all those buckets.  With the income that you have, can you fill up all 3 buckets?  Or just 1?  Maybe you are able to extend to 2 buckets, but how to achieve the 3rd?
Okay-la, I will mention about it some other time.  Some smartasses are already having all the answers and so I congratulate them, but I am helping to shed some light to those still searching.  Study the image.  It will appear again in my next MM post ;-).
** This was supposed to be a long ass post.  But by kept delaying to complete it, it will take an even longer time to get this post out.  Hence, I decided to break them.  
** Please also take note of my disclaimer ya. 
** BTW, if the above sounded nothing but nonsense, give me a tinkle and I will end here.  Tks.

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  1. good description as a start :)

    1. Thanks. I'm only touching the basic, but I see you are already more advance with charting. Yes, I attended talks on technical analysis too.


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