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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekly Blessings Wk 10, 2012

♥ This is a weekly post on the many mini encounters I experienced for the past week.  It may be blessings, or at times, applying the singular adjective.  Though maybe insignificant, yet they are capable of staging some vibrancy to this kitty's life.  Counting my blessings every day   
Is this a beautiful tote or what?
A gift from Hannie, my dear SIL (hubby side) who just came back from her trip to India.  Allow me to describe how I feel about the gift........ I LUV it!!  I definitely adore the gift, or else I would not have shown it here, right??  Besides her talent in searching great gifts, she actually applies hands on on scrap-booking and crafts making.  She features her creation in her blog,  And thanks to her hubby i.e. my BIL, I had a great family weekend escape at one of the new hotels in town.  My entire family and theirs, and not forgetting my parents in law   .  
All parents worry of their children's future, and I am not immune to that worrisome gruesome.  Cheeky's 1st academic exam of his life.  Though its only a minor semester examination, yet it tells his progress on whether he is able to cope with his studies.  If you had known my kid, you would not have expect this kind of results from him.  
Ermmm??.... How should I describe my feeling now?  Total   ♥.
If you do not know the story behind this electricity bill of mine, you can refer to here.  And this month marks the end of the unpaid portion (tunggakan) of this bill as I will officially and fully settle this "nasty bastard" that has been haunting me since my financial whirlwind.  
And to heighten my spirit, I am also officially 1 less credit card to settle.  OFFICIALLY settled last month!!  Woo hoo!!  1 down and 99 more to go. LOL, joking ya!!
I feel truly blessed this week.  How about you?   


  1. love the tote! Best when you're lazy to bring a big bag around and good enough to put your phone + money inside ^_^

  2. <3<3<3
    you are most welcome. actually a bit heavy heart to give away the red..hehehe.. wanted to keep for myself :p Glad you love it.
    As for the escape, minus the hiccup, than it is perfect!! :D
    oh and congratulations on Cheeky getting flying colors in his exam!! well done!!


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