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Monday, 2 April 2012

Update 20120402 + Sneak-peek on MM

Finally I have a hint of breather after 2 months long of events handling.  Have you been missing me? *grinning
I would love to start telling you the stories of what I did since my last post, but heck, the experiences were not always sweet. And without much of pics, I guess I may bore you to death. Choi, choi, choi!! *touchwood
There's just not much of awesomeness in the past months.  Just work, work, work and meetings, meetings, meetings ensuring things would turn out right, which they did.  Of course the events went great!!  I'll try and describe more about the events next time, if I feel like it....... :P  And so the reward after crunching all my youthfulness in my job..... is a month end pay.  Sounds pathetic? Yes? No? 
Anyway, whether its pathetic as it may or may not sound like, I still need to look forward and forge ahead with my life goals.  Yes, I have goals, how about you?  I have often thought how my life would be if the critical events of my life are differently handled.  Of course, the grass is always greener at the other side of the fence, there's no use crying over spilt milk.....(I've no milk to drink yet by far, thank you!!).   Yet, hope is not always in despair, 'coz as long as you and I focus on the long term goals, the short to medium ones are only minor events to "entertain" our lives.
Hence, I'm going to write another post on money management.  I do not know about you, but my goal has to be attain with some loads.  And when I say loads, please do not imagine infinite number of lorries of hard cold cash.  You don't really need millions to live a happy and carefree (debt free) life.  Some people are just as happy with what little cash they have yet are able to sustain a family life with their plot of farm, or maybe adding a head or two herds. (Farmville??  Joking!!) & etc. etc. etc.  The reason I'm continuing with this topic is because of the positive feedback I got from my last post. Thank you all who commented.  You are my motivators.
"The responsible lending guidelines, among the pre-emptive measures by Bank Negara to contain surging household debt, have made a strong impact on most people. Will the guidelines be effective to control the alarming levels of household debt and put the brakes on loan growth?"  ~ The Star Online, March 24, 2012
FYI, Bank Negara is our Central Bank, and the lending guidelines is for our banking institutions. So what do all these mean?
That's my sneak-peek.  Will tell you more next time.
As for myself, I need a re-colouring of my hair badly.  So so so damn neglected my desire on maintaining my FABULOUS-NESS.  And this time, I'm going for probably......... auburn?
Ugly kitty is so out of touch with Fabulous :(
**  RM52,630.01.
**  To know my last balance, click here
**  The disturbing news :  Banks to raise credit card balance rates ~ The Star Online, February 15, 2012. 
**  Update : instead of just 3 banking institutions, as of today, most if not all,  Malaysian banks are having the new balance interest rates.

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