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Monday, 27 February 2012

Update 20120226

WOOT!!  Where did I go?  On top of my crunching day time job I can't really say I got myself involve in else..... or maybe on top of the job is my health.  I was aching all the way with mouth ulcer pain-ess.  So painful were they as its not only 1 but 2 bloody horrendous ulcers.  Rubbing with salt aggravated them further till this agony was made a history, for the 1st time in my life, in near to 2 weeks, to finally getting the horrible pain out of my system.  I'm still spotting the leftover mark on the inner part of my lower lip.  Can't wait to bid goodbye to them forever. Shoo! Shoo!
Because of this, I've been taking lots of  drinking water and be in bed early.  Not forgetting the cafe below my office which had been supplying and made herbal tea drinks available for this weather now turning hot and humid under the scorching sun.  Let me see, I think I took 10 glasses at RM1.50 per unit........ THAT'S RM15 IN TOTAL!!!  %^&$#@!  Ulcer, Y U no gentle to my pocket???
Anyway, I wanted to start off my 1st post on money management, but b'coz of the above mentioned situation, this was put on hold.  The post is sorta only 1/4 done.  Sigh!!  Really need to find time to complete it.  But be warned, once its finished, it may be a long ass and confusing post.  Where to find time???  I'm currently rushing with many office events to handle..... which comes with the non stop meetings.  Meetings after meetings and after more meetings makes vkitty's daily life a hectic one...... of eternal service to other people. WTF! FML!!  Gotta turn this around!!
Hence, TING! TING! (question marks blinking above my head) the million dollar question of the day is:
Hee-hee, you need to wait for my next post.  I'll reveal to you.  I'm ending here with a pic which will also be in that particular post:
Nighty-night and sweet dreams.  For those who are at the other side of the globe, I bid you a very good morning ;-)
** RM53,806.26  
** To know my last balance, click here
** Yes, this post was prepared last night hence the nighty night greeting above.  But it's now publish at AGAIN, at...... 9am.  *slapping my forehead* *I'm hopeless with schedules*

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