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Monday, 6 February 2012

Playing with Eggs

There was this article in yesterday's newspaper:
FML!  I don't read chinese, as I did not come from a chinese school.  But Beary does.... and the article was about the miracle of the first dawn of spring.
Here's what I found from Wikipedia which matches closely to what the article said:
"The terms Li Chun egg balancing or egg of Li Chun refers to a Chinese folk belief that it is much easier to balance an egg on a smooth surface during Li Chun (the official first day of spring in the Chinese lunar calendar, which usually falls on February 4 or 5), than at any other time of the year. Balancing fresh chicken eggs on their broad end was a traditional Li Chun ritual in China".
The article had other terms and terminologies described.  But I'm not gonna dwell on that.  I like to simplify things and hence to self praise myself on the simplified version found by me *n_n.
If you are the type that needs to know everything, then, click here
So, just for fun sake, Beary tested the theory and..................................... VOILA!! 
Have not tested on any other days though.  
Have fun ♥ .


  1. ala.. have miss it again this year. bummer.

  2. Haiz... I never tried that before. :(


  3. Don't know how true the belief is, but it does feel more difficult to balance the egg today i.e. 6th Feb.


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