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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekly Blessings Wk 6, 2012

♥ This is a weekly post on the many mini encounters I experienced for the past week.  It may be blessings, or at times, applying the singular adjective.  Though maybe insignificant, yet they are capable of staging some vibrancy to this kitty's life.  Counting my blessings every day   
Can it be?  That I'm the next lucky one?  The one who will soon walk out of her uncertainties? That all my concerns will soon be blown away?  That there's someone up above is now shining a light upon me?
Or maybe its just the monthly hormonal cycle? :P
Whatever it is, I absolutely luv this positive feeling.  I have not had such feel good sensation for a very long time now.  The last time I felt the same way was many many moons ago...... probably +/- 7 years to count.  I can't really pinpoint what this feeling is about or referring to. But somehow, it gave me the confident of a person with the ability to overcome any obstacles that what may be confronting or soon to confront me.  Not that I have many mega, gigantic & humongous obstacles though, as most of the time, I like to keep my life simple.  Sooooo simple that at times, others may mis-interpret me as a lazy mutt.
LOL, yes, I know I laze around, 'coz behind my laze.......... I work dang hard!!! 
Double rainbow!!  The after effect of a brief rainy afternoon.  
Since this feel good mood is still strongly intact, I may as well leverage on it.  Went through my once prized but now neglected possessions, I refreshed  my mind and updated my stuff.  Its actually my self-help homework which I have not done since November last year.  Can I say I am a avid learner and that learning has no age boundary?  See, I told you people do not know me well.  How can I be as lazy as a dog?
This working week ended with a view of not only one, but 2 rainbows, side by side..... just outside of my house, right upon myself arriving home from work.  Okay-la, I can now die satisfied :P
And as I end this entry, I will resume my lazy mode so I may avoid some tasks just because of the mis-interpretation.  LMFAO!!  
 signing off.........
** Yes I know, the last bit of this entry sounded weird and quite confusing.  Can't help it.  The feel good buddy invaded my brain and is controlling how this entry is structured. *Hands on face with mouth open wide just like Macaulay Culkin in the movie "Home Alone"*
** Actually, I think it may be the lazy mode. 
** Confuse yet? Or not confusing enough? 

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