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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Corona Extra Beach Party 2012

Did you know there were 2 parties? Which one did you join?  Or did you join both?
Can't bring your bar to the beach?  We'll bring the 
beach to you! ~ I LIKE-Y ♥ ♥ ♥
The Friday Sunset Beach Party was all about........... WET.  Well, that's all I know about the event as I was not there.  Its a party by the beach, with the attire theme of beach wear, singing bands, DJs churning up some hot dancing music, and not forgetting the spraying of WATER GUNS.  I could imagine the event being absolute fun.  OF COURSE its lots of fun.  Then why am I not there?  Maybe its my flabby tummy, maybe its my sagging boobs, or maybe I do not have a bikini for that matter.  Whatever it is, I can't remember and won't be recalling.  Let's just say its my unfortunate Friday.
But the party didn't end at the beach, they continued on the next night which was a Saturday. WOOHOO!!!  That's my call to rave, yeah you betcha!  
The made up photo background with real sand......where? At the bottom of our feet :P

Follow the sign

Do not forget your bucket ;)
If you think the "opening" was awesome, the party that's raving inside the venue was ever more smashing.  Multiple talents displayed their expertise:
Talented DJs spinning some of the best dance music

Korean Beatbox Jaekweon in the house

Flames showcased entertaining the partygoers 

Gotta have a Corona

The crowd in the big make shift event tent

My partygoing kaki-s
More photos can be seen at the Corona Extra Full Moon Beach Party Facebook page.  All photos featured here are from their facebook page except for the last with my partying kaki-s.  
This Beach Party is an annual event.  First brought to KK beach bummers and partygoers in year 2011.  Why not make a date for the next?  Just click "Like" on their facebook page and you are all set to know when's the next event will be.
Till we meet again in the next party!! Muaks 

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