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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sabah Beauties @ Miss Malaysia Earth 2012

Sometime about 2 months ago, I blogged about our Sabah beauties i.e. the contestants of Miss Earth Sabah 2012.  I ended the post with ways on following their progress and achievements.  Have you been following them? ;-)   
Well, I did! I am glad to follow their tweets and on facebook.  There were constant updates and lots of stunning pictures.  Following every step of their activities and preparations for the coronation night, the journey had been one of most meaningful.  It was a testimony of their dedication in raising awareness of the need to protect our one and only beloved earth.  Following their progress, it is also a reminder to me, as the guardian of this beautiful land, that I should not destroy our only breathable planet but instead, sowing the seeds of caring for our environment. 
And hence, after what seemed like endless events and activities, with all its fringe prizes, the crowning of the winner was finally made on June 16, 2012:
 #01 : From the left, 2nd Runner-up (Water), Grace Chang Siew Ling.  
1st Runner-up (Air), Deidre Ann Walker.  Crowning Winner, Joanna Marie Faurillo.  
3rd Runner-up (Fire), Xandria Ban Kah Yee.
If you think the coronation night marks the end of these beauties journey, well you have just made the wrong assumption.  Instead, their quest had just begun as they continue in raising environmental awareness whilst vying for the Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 title.  The event was recently held in Ipoh, Perak.
All four beauties were further trained, groomed, advised and motivated to face the greater challenge, the challenge to face all the country's states' crowning beauty representatives.  There wasn't a minute to waste as upon touching down in Ipoh, they visited various places around the state of Perak, such as the nursing home, coal factory, BOH tea plantation, vegetable plantation and strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands, and also competing in many of the subsidiary prizes**.  Their quests were pleasantly reported in this :
#02 : Borneo Post, July 13, 2012

#03 : All the beauties of Miss Malaysia Earth 2012
The coronation night on July 15 proved to be oh so suspenseful as their tweets kept coming in.  It was the first time for me to experience such beauty pageant without even seeing on television!!  With Joanna, Deidre & Xandria making to the final 10, that is already a major achievement for Sabah.  Hooray!!   
To receive news of Deidre being crowned the Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 1st runner up, the excitement was beyond just happy.  I WAS ELATED!!
#04 : Deidre, 1st runner-up (Air), Miss Malaysia Earth 2012

#05 With the newly crowned Miss Malaysia Earth 2012, Deviyah Daranee from Kuala Lumpur
The success of our Sabah beauties cannot be describe complete without the hard work of Mandy Nandu, the Director of MNE Productions who holds and organises the State's Miss Earth Sabah.  Mandy is also the national crowning queen of Miss Malaysia Earth 2009.  She responded in an interview of her happiness and proud of the results gathered as it has always been what she visioned, to have representatives of high-quality, equipped with not just beauty but also talents and intelligence to compete in the National Level.
#06 : Deidre & Mandy
The Miss Earth Sabah 2012 titleholders dedicate their year as the Green Ambassadors to promote environmental projects and to address issues concerning the environment to the community of Sabah.  As the state organiser, Mandy continues to arrange environmental programmes and activities for the winners where they are able to contribute to the community by spreading the awareness of environment protection.
Even by recording the Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 event in this post, I can feel the gratifying sensation & how proud I am of our Sabah representatives' accomplishment.  I could not contain myself when I read this very thought provoking answer Deidre gave during the Q&A session.  I end this post with a picture of our very happy Sabah representatives and Deidre's powerful answer: 

"Do not wait until the last tree has been cut, the last fish has 
been caught and the only last river polluted, then only mankind 
realizes that money cannot be eaten" ~ Deidre Ann Walker

#07 : From left, Xandria, Grace, Deidre, Joanna, Mandy & Crystal who is also 
a Sabahan (won the title of Miss Malaysia Earth 2011 - 1st runner-up)
** The subsidiary prizes:
  • Miss Earth Media Gorgeous 2012 - Deidre Ann Walker
  • Miss Yee Hup 2012 - Deidre Ann Walker
  • Best in Talent - Xandria Ban Kah Yee
  • Miss Charming 2012 - Joanna Marie Faurillo
  • & many other prizes' 2nd & 3rd placings.  Congrats!!
# Photos sourced from Miss Earth Sabah facebook page (#01) & @MissEarthSabah tweets (#02 - #07)


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