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Friday, 13 July 2012

Updates 20120712 + Me!

Hello!!!  Have you been missing me?  ^_^   
What can I say?  I am a bad blogger.  Have not update this blog because of my ultra maximized laziness.  There!!  I confessed!! You can unfollow me now.  *Waaaaaahh!! #cryingkitty.  Please don't....... #innocentkittylook
Lately, my daytime office job has been taking up alot of my attention.  With all the stress and pressure building up, I wasn't in my best of mood to blog.  I tried to compose a few times, but all I saw were depressing, frustrating and negatively expressed posts.  I couldn't bear to fill my blog with bad auras and affect my happy readers.  Who would want to keep reading blogs that cast black clouds, dark shadows and thunderous cracks all the time, right?
Hence, I'm glad that my sunny mood is re-emerging again as the pressure is gradually release away.  There are still some sizable pressure in me, but seeing most items in the checklist are ticked away, so is the burden being set free.  LOL, so glad that the event will be this coming Saturday, a gala dinner it shall be..... and its time to FLASH MY......... (tsk, tsk, no naughty business here ;-)).......... AWESOME FABULOUS ME!!!  Okay, its still a working day for me, attending guests, attending guests and attending guests.  But hey, I dress for the occasion, right?  
Here are some of my props which hopefully will not disappoint anyone, especially myself:
My fav double eyelid tape & new falsies <3

MAC my day ;-)

Sensationally high :-O
HA HA HA...... Laugh die me on the amount of RM I'm willing to spend for just "ONE WORKING NIGHT"!!  Boss, if you see this, I put my heart and soul in building an image for the office (& of course for myself too).  Maybe you should consider giving early bonus this year? *wink!!
.......... Psst, & a pay raise too.
As for the dress, well, let's just say............. & keep it a mystery *wink, wink!!
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  1. There you go girl, go for the killing look, make them jealous!! :-D

  2. Take ur time easily. Don't make yourself feel pressure and stress for not blogging. =D

    In btwn, the white heel looks stunning. Where did you bought it?

  3. Hannie C - Yea, I ROCK the night!!

    Diana - Thanks, its comforting to know that others understand my situation. Those heels are from Vess, Wisma Merdeka.


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