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Monday, 30 July 2012

Dinner @ Bicycle Cafe Veggie

ROAR! I'm a meat eating machine. I ensure my daily food intake comes with at least a dish of meat, be it poultry, lamb, beef or similar.  Although I am fond of meat, I am conscious of the consequences whenever over consuming one in favour of the other.  When I said other, I meant the greens.  Vegetables and fruits are just as important in our daily diet.  Afterall, we are aiming for health, right?  Hence, the keyword here is "balance". 
Having a balance diet is what I desire most.  It could not be describe any better than when riding on a 2-wheeler - The bicycle.  And that is exactly what the owner has named his cafe:
Tucked cozily on the ground floor in one of the few available corner lots of Karamunsing Capital, Mr. Lee Mun Fei, the owner of this vegetarian cafe, is redefining the meaning of vegetarian food.  A look at the cafe's facebook page, they have varieties of food preparation which include the Asian Fusion, Burgers (O.O), Fast Food (O.o), Hot Dogs (O.O), Italian food, Taiwanese, etc.  Yes, I know.  I am baffled as well with such description.  
The interior with a mini (non-alcoholic) bar 
The dishes can be as conforming to the authentic vegetarian ones, to as the everyday common dishes on the streets.  The followings are the varieties that we tasted:
Variety of buns

Fried Tofu Puff, comes with its own unique sauce

Bicycle Combo, variety of fried entree
The above are just simple dishes as initial debut for our taste buds. The following got me more excited coz each dish tastes better than the other as they being served:
Piping hot veggie lasagna @ RM12.90

Pattaya Fried Rice.  This is only RM8.90. 
And the final 3 dishes are of my favorite:
Spaghetti Alfredo @ RM12.90
Perfectly made. Neither too creamy nor too watery. I like how the spaghetti had maintain its slim & tender feel instead of the soggy and soaked-fatten ones some vendors still serve.  That is one important criteria I adhere to whenever I crave for pasta.
Indian Style Fried Mee
The noodles was spicy, which I totally love.  Not having tasted indian fried mee before, I find it abit wet??  Maybe its supposed to be that way.  Anyway, be it wet or dry, this one comes under my "re-ordering list".
Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh
This soup definitely blew my taste bud.  How can an originally of meat dish became sooooo tasty when replace with veggie?  The soup was well flavoured, sweet (see the wolf berries a.k.a gei zi floating in the soup?), and filling.  This is a fulfilling dish.  Definitely one of my recommended item.
Yummy session in progress
All these were concluded with an un-named dessert which has yet to be featured on their menu.  I say, the dessert was all sweet and berrylicious.
How to find out when this dessert will be available?
Follow them on their facebook page.  Periodical updates on what's available and on promo are mentioned there.
Bicycle Cafe Veggie, newly opened with it being made official just recently in the month of July 2012 itself.  This lifestyle vegetarian cafe breaths new meaning to the interpretation of being a vegetarian and staying healthy the vegetarian way.
Found hung on the cafe's wall 
H-0-6, Ground Floor, Karamunsing Capital,
88300  Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel : 088-448 711 
Operating hours: 10am - 11pm (Monday - Sunday)
Come on! Let's ride on a bicycle to affordable, delicious & healthy green food.


  1. wow! looks yummy and I like the look of the interior, will give it a try. thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I love meat! Lamb? OMGosh. Hahaa. But I do eat vegie too la. Just that the meat portion is quite big compared to the sayurs. Hehee.

    Because we need BALANCE kan ;) Now I got high blood pressure already so I gotta take care of my food intake hehee.

  3. Hannie C : U r welcome :-)

    Armstrong : U may want to go and visit a vegetarian cafe. U may be surprised by the choices available ;-)

  4. I know there are a lot of choices... And I've tried quite a lot of vegie food that tastes like meat. Hahaa. The chef who cooked that so hebat ;)

    Happy August, VibrantKitty!


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